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Dr. Milos Abadzic2009Mr. Higgs Doesnít Reside There
2009Photon: Reality or Fiction
2009Possibility of Cosmos Evolution
2009Quantization and Some Problems with It
2009One Step Back, Two Steps Forward
2008Behavior of Electrons in Atoms
2008A New Aspect of Planckís Constant
2008A New Aspect of Planckís Constant
2007Creating Sub-Atomic Structures by the MNM Model
2007Naturalistic Model of Nature
Amir M. Abbassi2008Density-Metric Unimodular Gravity: Vacuum Spherical Symmetry
2002General Spherically Symmetric Solutions of Einstein Vacuum Field Equations With Lamba
2002Relational Relativity
Engr. Musa D. Abdullahi2006An Alternative Electrodynamics to the Theory of Special Relativity
Prof. Dr. Velimir Abramovic2011Mathematical Methods to Refute Einsteinís Electrodynamics
2008The Age of Science as a Religion
2008Geometry, Time and the Law of Continuity
2008Introduction to the Ontology of Time
2008Nikola Tesla
2008Time and Energy
2008Time as the Generator of Life
2008How íMany Infinitiesí Are There in Mathematics?
Ricardo A. Achilles2010Amp?re vs. Grassmann on Experimental Grounds
2008Ampere: The Avis Phoenix of Electrodynamics
2008A Manifest Failure of Grassmann?s Force
2008A Manifest Failure of Grassmannís Force
2007Action-at-a-Distance: A Key to Homopolar Induction
2005Inertial Mass: a Changing Entity? Weber vs. Einstein, Weber Plus Einstein or None?
2002The Homopolar Motor: A True Relativistic Engine
Les Adam1987Magnets and Applications
Dr. Stanislav V. Adamenko2003Experimental Observation And A Possible Way To The Creation Of Anomalous Isotopes And Stable Superheavy Nuclei Via The Electron-Nucleus Collapse
Larry D. Adams1992Thoughts on the Biefeld-Brown Effect
Neal Adams2011Subduction: The Extent and Duration
Dr. Robert G. Adams1996The Adams & Aspden Motor Patent
1993The Adams Motor
A. I. A. Adewole2004On the Unification of Gravitational and Electromagnetic Fields by Induction
A. I. A. Adey1996A Note on Transverse Doppler Effects
1995Non-Covariant Galilean Electrodynamics
Alexander Afriat2006Einstein e la teoria elettrogravitazionale di Weyl
2003Altering the Remote Past
1993Correlations Involving Several Subsystems
Antonis Agathangelidis2010Light as Dynamic Maxwellian Photons: Interference in Terms of Trajectories
2010Verification of Stokes? 1845 Terrestrial Ether by Re-Interpretation of Experiments
2001Implications of Hafele-Keating, Michelsom-Morley, & Michelson-Gale Experiments
1998Experimental Disproof of Special Relativity
Prof. Derek Victor Ager1986Migrating Fossils, Moving Plates and an Expanding Earth
Byoung Ha Ahn2005The Fallacy of the Light Clock Experiment
Erkki Paavali AhonenBeginnings of a New Mechanics
Nikos Alexandris2014electrodynamic algorithm of core of stars and black holes
2014Magnetic field of black hole of Sagittarius ( Sgr A* )
2012Paradox of Hawking Theory
2012Solar Dynamo
corrections of my book
Jeff Alford2008Chapter 2, Part B: The Mechanical Part of Einsteinís First Postulate in SRT
2008Chapter 5, Part B: Propagation Geometry and Propagation Character: Two Issues or One Issue?
2008Chapter 1: A Brief Overview of SRT
2008Chapter 2, Part A: Einsteinís Two Postulates
2008Chapter 6: Future Considerations-After SRT is Ruled Out
2008Chapter 4: Light Isotropy-Theory and Experiment
2008Chapter 3: Problems with Einsteinís Train Thought Experiment
2008Chapter 5, Part A: Problems with the All Pervading Ether Hypothesis
2008Chapter 7: Proposed Ballistic Theory Outline
2001Einsteinís Theory and Common Sense
2001Light Isotropy - Theory and Experiment
2001Measuring Devices: In Theory and In Practice
2001The Mechanical Part of Einstein?s First Postulate in SRT
Allen D. Allen1988Time Dilation and the Spatial Interval for which dx/dt is Speed
1988Work Done on Photons During Refraction: Improved Symmetry From a More Consistent Expression for Photon Energy
Dr. Dennis P. Allen Jr.2012Electron in the Ground Energy State ? Part 2
2012Electron in the Ground Energy State ? Part 1
2012Mass Varies in High Rotation Even at Non-Relativistic Velocities!
1990Aspdenís Early Law of Electrodynamics
Prof. Mildred Allen19711970 Solar Eclipse as íSeení by a Torsion Pendulum
Prof. Carroll O. Alley2005The Unipolar Generator: A Demonstration of Special Relativity
1994Experiments with Entangled Two-Photon States From Type-H Parametric Down Conversion: Evidence for Wave-Particle Duality
1994Investigations with Lasers, Atomic Clocks and Computer Calculations of Curved Spacetime and of the Differences Between the Gravitation Theories of Yilmaz and of Einstein
Prof. Jose Borges de Almeida2009Can Physics Be Derived From Monogenic Functions?
2008Different Algebras for One Reality
Prof. Richard L. Amaroso2008Relativistic Physics in Complex Minkowski Space, Nonlocality, Ether Model and Quantum Physics
Prof. Ali Reza Amir-Moez1995Mathematical Interpretations of Indian String Figures
1990El Teorema De De Moivre, La Ecuacion Cuadratica Y El Pentagono Regular
1990The Rotation Group, Axes and Angles of Rotation
1989The Euclidean Plane as a Source of Research
1989Orthogonal Vectors Ending on Quadrics
1989The Polar Curves of a Polygon
1988Pythagorean Properties of a Set of Vectors
1988Spheres of Transformations
1986Models of Tensor Algebras
1986A Nomenclature of Numerals
1985Variations on Parabolic Mirrors
1984The Sound and the Music
Gemma Anderson2012Isomorphology
Leland I. Anderson2006Final Thoughts on Tesla?s Work with High-Frequency Alternating Currents
1998Rare Notes from Tesla on Wardenclyffe
Dr. Paul E. Anderson2012Electric Scarring of the Earthís Surface
Roger J. Anderton2012Boscovich Open Letter
2012The True Nature of Einsteinís Relativity
2011Einsteinís Theory Revised by Person(s) Unknown
2010Extraterrestrial Communication Through Radio Signals Based on Newtonian Physics
2010Lancelot Law Whyte Unitary Field Theory
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