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How to Get Something from Nothing


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Dr. Peter Rowlands
Department of Physics, University of Liverpool, Oliver Lodge Laboratory, Oxford Street, Liverpool L69 7ZE, United Kingdom;,
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Immediate Distant Action and Correlation in Modern Physics: The Balanced Universe , pp. 241-270


Chapter 10 of Immediate Distant Action.

Many difficult concepts will be discussed in this chapter, but the basis of all the ideas in it is profoundly simple. It is that the totality of the conceptual scheme we use to structure mathematics and physics is required to be zero at every level. In that case, we can develop a dualistic mathematics which has a very specific relationship to what we conceive of as the physical world. Many physical notions are generated in this process, in particular the idea that we cannot fully explain physical systems without the dualistic notion of time-delayed action between the discreet objects of physical measurement occuring at the saem time as unmediated instantaneous correlation-at-a-distance (UICAAD). The analysis is used to discuss the nature of gravity and inertia, and the quantum/classical transition, and to highlight the significant role played by angular momentum in unifying the fundamental concepts of physics at the quantum level.


  1. Foundations of mathematics 241
  2. Foundations of physics 248
  3. The Dirac state 251
  4. Relativity 255
  5. Gravity and inertia 257
  6. Angular momentum 263
  7. The quantum/classical transition 266
  8. Conclusion 268

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