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Revealing the Essence of Planck?fs Constant


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Koshun Suto,

General Science Journal, (8 pages)
Keywords: Planck?fs constant, Universal constants, Fundamental physical constants.

Lookup: universal (19), physical (23), constant (47), constants (9), fundamental (15)


According to traditional classical quantum mechanics theory, due to the prior existence of Planck's constant, considered a universal constant, it is thought that the energy of a photon can be determined if its frequency is known, and the wavelength of a quantum can be determined if its momentum is known. In this paper, however, the case is made that logically, since the product of the momentum and wavelength of any photon can be expressed by the constant p??, Planck's constant only comes into existence when p?? is replaced with h. In this paper, we show that Planck's constant is not a universal constant but is instead just a usual fundamental physical constant.

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