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New philosophy of Aether in Euclidean Reality model and interpretation of indications of Sagnac and MM interferometers.


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Witold Nawrot
Lokalna 13, 04-903 Warszawa, Mazowieckie, Poland;, +48 501493827,

(2 pages)

2013, 20th Natural Philosophy Alliance Conference, College Park, MD, United States
Keywords: Aether, relativity, Sagnac, Michelson-Morley

Lookup: relativity (390), aether (102), sagnac (21), michelson (4)


According to the new model of Four dimensional Euclidean Reality, motion of bodies in relation to Aether and relative motion of bodies are two separate phenomena, therefore there is no necessity for introducing the idea of “entrained Aether”. According to this model, the MM and Sagnac interferometers are not able to detect any motion in relation to Aether, however the rule of propagation of light, introduced by the new model, explains the difference between indications of these two interferometers.

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