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Data That Allegedly Proves Special Relativity Disproves It


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Nick Percival,

(5 pages)

2013, 20th Natural Philosophy Alliance Conference, College Park, MD, United States
Keywords: time dilation, clock retardation, special relativity, Lorentz relativity

Lookup: special relativity (125), time dilation (19), clock retardation (2), relativity (390), time (100), special (175), lorentz (73), clock (17), retardation (3), dilation (23)


This paper analyzes data from GPS, the Hafele-Keating Experiment and muon decay measurements that are claimed to support Special Relativity’s claim of time dilation. It is found that this data actually does not support Special Relativity and in some cases is evidence against Special Relativity. The “time dilation” data is also analyzed in terms of its historical development and in terms of the Twin Paradox.

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