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Accepted Relativistic Addition of Velocities and Energies are Only Two-Variable Versions of a New Infinite Variables Formula


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Michael Jefferson Lawrence
Cranfield Park, Burstall, Ipswich, Suffolk ip8 3dt, United Kingdom;, +441473652038

(4 pages)

2013, 20th Natural Philosophy Alliance Conference, College Park, MD, United States
Keywords: Relativity; Velocities; Energies; Addition; Product;


The well-known simple formula for adding velocities relativistically is only a 2-variable version of a far more powerful formula which enables an infinite number of relative velocities, energies or any Planck-limited variables to be totalled. That formula is based on the product of those variables, treated as fields, rather than their addition. The interpretation of the formula is of the comparison of the stretching of the fields in opposite directions versus the total stretching involved.

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