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Rajendra Sendhabhai Prajapati

(1 pages)
Keywords: Surface Energy, Intermolecular Bonds, Absolute Pressure, Vacuum Drag, Half Sphere, Conservation of Energy

Lookup: conservation of energy (6), energy (303), vacuum (39), absolute (26), conservation (25), pressure (4), sphere (3), drag (4), intermolecular (2), surface (2)


Abstract: Gravity is considered as one of the four fundamental forces, but it is not been unified with the other fundamental forces. Scientists are clueless about the weakness of gravity. There are number of scientists who feel that there must be a physical mechanism for gravity which causes only attraction. Below hypothesis uses surface energy that quantifies the disruption of inter molecular bonds that occurs when a surface is created. Consider the Earth floating in the universe and full vacuum on outside. Here, average molecule inside it is saturated by the bonding. The molecules on the surface cannot be fully saturated by bonding. So, they pulled inward. This creates positive absolute internal pressure. Here, this thermodynamic phenomenon leads to Young-Laplace theory that is “If no force acts normal to a tensioned surface, the surface remains flat”. Same logic may be predicted by Einstein in general relativity. Here, instead of mass, absolute internal pressure differs from outside full vacuum, this pressure difference times projected area results in a normal force [1]. Here, Earth atmospheric pressure tends to balance it. This means variation in atmospheric pressure influences gravity value [2]. The remained absolute internal pressure still to be balanced which causes inward vacuum drag that attracts objects towards the Earth that is known as gravity. This hypothesis answers why Einstein's theory confirms most of tests and why it significantly changes at distances smaller than an atom. That is because surface energy concept in the limit of a single molecule not works.

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