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Abstracts (53 Cold - Index)

2002Accountability in the Information Era: Lessons from Cold Fusion Furor byDr. Scott R. Chubb
1995Artificial Ball Lightning - Photographs of Cold Fusion byT. Matsumoto
1995Breaking Through Editorial: Cold Fusion Goes Commercial byDr. Eugene Mallove
1990Our Calorimetric Measurements of the Pd/S Systems byStanley Pons, Dr. Martin Fleischmann
1994Chemically-Assisted Nuclear Reactions byDr. Edmund Storms
1990Coherent Fusion Reaction Mechanism byDr. Peter L. Hagelstein
1998Cold Fire byJames McCabe
1996Cold Fusion byDr. Eugene Mallove
1996Cold Fusion byHal Fox
1994Only the Cold Fusion Critics Were Icarus byChristopher P. Tinsley
1995Cold Fusion Experiments by Sparking Discharges in Water byT. Matsumoto
2001Cold Fusion Phenomenon and Atomic Processes in Transition-Metal Hydrides and Deuterides byDr. Hideo Kozima, J. Warner, G. Goddard
1994A Cold Fusion Primer byJed Rothwell, Dr. Eugene Mallove
1995Cold Fusion: From Reasons to Doubt to Reasons to Believe byDr. Edmund Storms
1990Cold Fusion Successes: Achievements and Primary Sources byHal Fox
1994Cold Nuclear Fusion, Space Energy Devices, and Commercialization byHal Fox
1996The Compex Conditions Needed to Obtain Nuclear Heat from D-Pd Systems byProf. John M. Bockris
1997Design Considerations for the Rapid Commercial Development of Fleischmann-Pons Reactions byChip Ransford
1995Our Discovery of the Omegon, an Elementary Particle Which may Explain Cold Fusion byChristopher R. Illert, D. Reverberi
1999Early Contributions from Workers at Texas A&M University to (So-Called) Low Energy Nuclear Reactions byProf. John M. Bockris
2006Evidence of the Greatest Crime Ever Against Humanity? byRobert F. Beck
1992Excess Heat During the Electrolysis of a Light Water Solution of K2CO3 with a Nickel Cathode byDr. Vesselin C. Noninski
1991Excess Heat Production by the Electrolysis of an Aqueous Potassium Carbonate Electrolyte and the Implications for Cold Fusion byDr. Randell L. Mills, S. P. Kneizys
1996Extraordinary Traces Produced During Pulsed Discharges in Water byT. Matsumoto
1995The Fifth International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF5)?Highlights byJed Rothwell
Forecasting Effect of Macroscopic Nonlocality: A Cold Fusion Manifestation? byWladimir Guglinski
1999Generality of Optimal Operating Point Behavior in Low Energy Nuclear Systems byDr. Mitchell R. Swartz
1997A God's Eye View of Cold Fusion byDr. Edmund Storms
1995Very Hot Cold Fusion in Japan byJed Rothwell
1995Ignition! We Have Lift-Off! byDr. Eugene Mallove
1999Importance of Non-Dimensional Numbers and Optimal Operating Points in Cold Fusion byDr. Mitchell R. Swartz
1994Some Important Kinds of Plasmoid Traces Produced by Cold Fusion Apparatus byEdward H. Lewis
1992Letters to the Editor byPeter Gl?ck
1992A Light Water Excess Heat Reaction Suggests that 'Cold Fusion' is Alkali-Hydrogen Fusion byDr. Robert T. Bush
1996Low Temperature Nuclear Changes Using Magnetic Fields and Dual Polarity Control byToby Grotz
1998Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions: Experimental Results and Theoretical Problems byHal Fox
1998Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions and High-Density Charge Clusters byHal Fox, Shang-Xian Jin
1998Metanalysis of Research and Development in Cold Fusion byDr. Mitchell R. Swartz, Hal Fox
1991A New Look at Solid-State Fractures, Particle Emission and Cold Nuclear Fusion byGiuliano Preparata
1995Newly Discovered Halo Nuclei and their Implications for Cold Fusion byChristopher R. Illert, D. Reverberi
1994An Overview of Excess Heat Production in the Deuterated Palladium System byDr. Michael C. H. McKubre
1994First Patent Issued byHal Fox
1996Patterson Cold Fusion Power Cell (Over Unity Device) byDr. Dennis J. Cravens
1994On a Probable Quantum Electrodynamic Explanation of Cold Fusion or Quantum Nuclear Chemistry byProf. Jorge C. Cur
1992Protocols for Conducting Light Water Excess Energy Experiments byDr. Eugene Mallove
1994But Is It Real? byDr. Wayne Green
1991Review of Experimental Observations About the Cold Fusion Effect byDr. Edmund Storms
1992Scientists of the Year byHal Fox
2000Solid State Nuclear Reactions: Several Convincing Experiments byDr. Eugene Mallove
1993Talk (Name?) byProf. John M. Bockris
1996Ultrasound Induced and Laser Enhanced Cold Fusion Chemistry byT. V. Prevenslik
1994A Very Unscientific and Personal History of the Cold Fusion Effect byDr. Edmund Storms
1997How We Won The Cold Fusion War byDr. Eugene Mallove
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