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Abstracts (11 Antigravity - Index)

1994The ALCON Levitation Technology: State of the Art and New Advances byJames J. Hurtak, Alan Ames
1989Anti-Gravity Electronics byDr. Harold Aspden
1994Antigravity on the Rocks: The T. T. Brown Story byJeane L. Manning
2002Brief History of Antigravity byProf. Theodore C. Loder III
1981The Development of Post-Relativistic Concepts in Physics and Advanced Technology Abroad byDr. Rolf Schaffranke
1996Electric Space Craft Propulsion byDr. Charles A. Yost
2006Evidence of the Greatest Crime Ever Against Humanity? byRobert F. Beck
2010The Fundamental Universe (project abstract) byDan Preda, mechanical engineer
SHOOBDRULLER, Past and Future byDr. Peter K?mmel
1994The Technology of Prof. John R. R. Searl byJohn A. Thomas Jr.
1991The Theory of Antigravity byDr. Harold Aspden
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