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2010Clock in Accelerated Motion Slowing down is Necessity of Newton?s Law byProf. Qing Zeng
1963The Clock Paradox byErnest Geoffrey Cullwick
1959The Clock Paradox and the Possibility of a New Theory of Relativity byJulio Palacios
1996Clock Retardation and the Speed of Light in a Gravitational Potential byRonald R. Hatch
1999Convention in Defining Simultaneity by Slow Clock Transport byR. G. Zaripov
2005The Inertial Transformations and the Relativity Principle byProf. Franco Selleri
1980The Light Clock: Error and Implications byRichard Schlegel
1979Light Signal Synchronisation and Clock Transport Synchronisation in the Theory of Relativity byM. F. Podlaha
1987The Mathematical and Physical Self-Consistence of Special Relativity bySimon J. Prokhovnik
1996Meson Lifetimes & Ives-Stilwell: Is There Even Any Clock Retardation? byDr. John E. Chappell Jr.
1978The Muon Clock, Time Dilation and the Dynamic Vacuum byProf. James D. Edmonds
1997Nature of Relativistic Effects and Delayed Clock Synchronization byV. S. Barashenkov, Prof. Edward Kapuscik, M. V. Liablin
1990A New Analysis of Time Dilation byJohn Philip Claybourne
1996Noninvariant One-Way Velocity of Light and Particle Collisions byProf. Franco Selleri
1999The Orbiting Clock Paradox: Should the Lorentzian View Be Preferred? byDennis J. McCarthy
2007Research on the Crossed Doppler Effect in Classical Physics byChong-Wu Guo
2009On the Sagnac Effect for Massive Particles and Some of its Eepistemological Consequences byFran?ois Goy
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