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Abstracts (15 Atom - Index)

1993The Atom byRoland H. Dishington
1979Atomic Energy and Academic Fraud: The Case of the Hydrogen Atom byProf. Joe Alexander Nahhas
1999Both Crehore's All-Nuclear Atom and an Ether are Needed to Understand Gravity and the Unity of the Universe byRobert L. Stilmar
2000Does H0 Play Role in Universe Like H Does in Atomic Domain? byDr. Maurice Raiford
2005Light: Neither Particle nor Transverse Wave byBill Gaede
1993Should not the Lorentz-FitzGerald Contraction Be Three-Dimensional? byDr. Daniel H. Deutsch
2000Non-convertibility of Inertial Mass into Energy and Vice Versa. Conjectures Regarding an e+ e- -Pair-Cluster Atom Model in Connection with an e+e- Cosmic Lattice byJohann Marinsek
1992A Novel Theory of the Atom and Related Matters byLeslie V. Iverson
1987The Physics of the Missing Atoms: Technetium and Promethium byDr. Harold Aspden
1990Quantum Theory and the Atom byArnold G. Gulko
1998The Radiation Mechanics of the Hydrogen Atom and the Structure of the Nucleus byJames Carter
2009The Spectrum of the Universe byProf. Philipp M. Kanarev
1998The Stationary Hydrogen Atom byDr. Clarence L. Dulaney
1991The Structure of the Atom and the Periodicity of the Elements byDr. Theodore D. Mitsopoulos
2009True Nature of Potential Energy of a Hydrogen Atom byKoshun Suto
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