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Abstracts (14 Cosmic - Index)

2011Ancient Testimony for a Comet-like Venus byEv Cochrane
2000Cosmology in a Scalar Ether Theory of Gravitation byDr. Mayeul Arminjon
2010Discussion About the Possible Effects of the Solar Activity upon the Radiation Balance byJan Olof Jonson
2010The Doppler Effect of Absorption Spectral Lines in Moving Astronomic Bodies: How Can It Happen? (2010 John Chappell Memorial Lecture) byProf Francisco J. M?ller
2000Fundamental Particles as Structures in Cosmic Gas byAdolphe Martin
1993Generation of Cosmic Energy and Matter from Absolute Space byParamahamsa Tewari
2000Gravity as a Push from Long Wavelength Background Radiation byJohn W. Kierein
2005The Mass Deficiency Correction To Classical And Quantum Mechanical Descriptions: Alike Metric Change And Quantization Nearby An Electric Charge, And A Celestial Body Part II: Quantum Mechanical Deployment For Both Gravitationally, And Electrically Bound Particles byProf. Dr. Tolga Yarman, Vladislav B. Rozanov
2009The Mass of the Universe and Other Relations in the Idea of a Possible Cosmic Quantum Mechanics byProf. Ioannis Iraklis Haranas, Michael Harney
2000Non-convertibility of Inertial Mass into Energy and Vice Versa. Conjectures Regarding an e+ e- -Pair-Cluster Atom Model in Connection with an e+e- Cosmic Lattice byJohann Marinsek
2005Redshift of Photons Penetrating a Hot Plasma byDr. Ari Brynjolfsson
2009Towards the Reinstatement of Absolute Space, and Some Possible Cosmological Implications byDr. Hector A. Munera
2008Theoretical Calculation of the Hubble Constant and Relation to CMB and CIB byGonzalo A. Moreno-Jim?nez
2009Unified Theory's Non-expanding Universe Replaces Big Bang & Steady State Theories of Expanding Universe byProf. Rati Ram Sharma
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