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2001Challenging Einstein's Initial Assumptions byLee Shimmin
1989Diurnal Terrestrial Aberration of Light byTheo Theocharis
2010How to Fix the Paradigm of Science bySatya Pal Asija
2000Are Flaws Due to Shifting Assumptions in Relativity Too Simple to Grasp? byNeil E. Munch
1998Inadequate Controls of Assumptions in Special Relativity byNeil E. Munch
2010Twenty Reasoned and Reasonable Assumptions of One Reality in Twenty Minutes Towards a Unified Theory bySatya Pal Asija
1983Strange Assumptions of Certain Modern (?)Physicists byDr. William G. Carnahan
2000Unwarranted Assumption Shifts in Relativity and Suggestions for Improved Controls byNeil E. Munch
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