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2008The Dynamical Space-time as a Field Configuration in a Background Space-time byA. N. Petrov
2000Gravity as a Push from Long Wavelength Background Radiation byJohn W. Kierein
2009An Interesting Number in Physics byDr. Dezso Sarkadi
2005Redshift of Photons Penetrating a Hot Plasma byDr. Ari Brynjolfsson
1987The States of Matter and the Background Environment byDr. Theodore D. Mitsopoulos
2008Theoretical Calculation of the Hubble Constant and Relation to CMB and CIB byGonzalo A. Moreno-Jim?nez
2009Unified Theory's Non-expanding Universe Replaces Big Bang & Steady State Theories of Expanding Universe byProf. Rati Ram Sharma
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