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Abstracts (26 Cosmological - Index)

2009Towards an Absolute Cosmic Distance Gauge by using Redshift Spectra from Light Fatigue byThierry De Mees
1997The Aether as the Cause of Cosmological Redshift byJames B. Wright
1993What, If Anything, is the Anthropic Cosmological Principle Telling Us? bySilvio Bergia
2000The Cosmological Blue Shift byJames Carter
1983Cosmological Effects of the New Aether Experiments byMajor John P. Fernandez
1988Cosmological Redshift: Long Term Electrical Charge Variations May Account for Cosmological Redshift byRobert S. Fritzius
1994Cosmological Redshifts and the Law of Corresponding States byVictor Clube
2003Derivation of Weinberg's Relation in a Inflationary Universe byProf. Ioannis Iraklis Haranas
2009Engineering Dynamics of a Scalar Universe Part I: Theory & Static Density Models byGlen A. Robertson
1989Fifth Force, Sixth Force, and all That: A Theoretical (Classical) Comment byErasmo Recami, Vilson Tonin-Zanchin
2010Galactic Repulsion (According to 'Hypothesis on MATTER') byNainan K. Varghese
1983Implications of the Compton Effect Interpretation of the Red Shift byJohn W. Kierein
1999Inertial Mass in Mach-Weber-Assis Theory byDr. Jorge A. Guala-Valverde
1994Isominkowskian Representation of Cosmological Redshifts and the Internal Red-Blue-Shifts of Quasars byDr. Ruggero Maria Santilli
2008The Karlsson Peaks in the Quasar's Redshift Distribution as an Indication for Circling Light in a Non-Expanding Universe byThierry De Mees
1994Light Propagation in an Expanding Universe byAlexandros Paparodopoulos
2007Measurement of Gravitomagnetic and Acceleration Fields around Rotating Superconductors byDr. Martin Tajmar, Florin Plesescu, Bernhard Seifert, Klaus Marhold
2007On the Nature of Dark Matter and Dark Energy byYuri A. Baurov
2005Observations Support Spherically Closed Dynamic Space Without Dark Energy byDr. Tuomo Suntola
1999Planck's Constant From Hubble's Constant: Cosmological Origin of Terrestrial ZPF & Zitterbewegung byDr. Robert W. Bass, Dean Zes
2005Redshift of Photons Penetrating a Hot Plasma byDr. Ari Brynjolfsson
2002Sakharov's Temperature Limit in a Schwarzchild Metric Modified by a Cosmological Constant Λ byProf. Ioannis Iraklis Haranas
2008Solutions of a Cosmological Schr?dinger Equation for Exact Gravitational Waves based on a Friedman Dust Universe with Einstein's Lambda byDr. James G. Gilson
2002The Temperature of a Black Hole in a De-Sitter Space-Time byProf. Ioannis Iraklis Haranas
2008Theoretical Calculation of the Hubble Constant and Relation to CMB and CIB byGonzalo A. Moreno-Jim?nez
2001Using the Hubble Telescope to Determine the Split of a Cosmological Object's Redshift in its Gravitational and Distance Parts byPharis E. Williams
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