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Abstracts (10 Charged - Index)

1991Aberration and the Electric Force on a Moving Charged Particle byProf. David M. Drury
2010On Experimental Confirmation of the Einstein Equation and the Charge-Mass Repulsive Force byDr. Chung Y. Lo
1997Inertial Mass of Charged Elementary Particles byDavid L. Bergman
2008Introduction and Acceptance of a Classical Charge Fiber Model (CFM) of Elementary Particles Evaluated by Means of an Online Tutorial-Based Survey byDr. Gerald M. Brown
1989Maxwell Equations: A New Approach byD. E. McLennan
2010NASA's Space-Probes Pioneer Anomaly and the Mass-Charge Repulsive Force byDr. Chung Y. Lo
1990An Overlay of Fieldlets byLee Shimmin
1994Quantum-like Behavior of Charged Particles in a Magnetic Field and Observation of Discrete Forbidden States in the Classical Mechanical Domain byRam K. Varma
1990Spinning Charged Ring Model of Electron Yielding Anomalous Magnetic Moment byDavid L. Bergman, Dr. Paul Wesley
1991Spinning Charged Ring Model of Elementary Particles byDavid L. Bergman
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