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Abstracts (19 Classical - Index)

2007Alternate Communications for Space Travel byPharis E. Williams
2007A Classical Approach to the Photoelectric Effect & Photoelectron Emission byBing-Xin Gong
2006Classical Electrodynamics of Point-Like Charges Without Divergences byProf. Alexander L. Kholmetskii
1990Back to the Classical Roots byDr. Theodore D. Mitsopoulos
1985The Contribution of the Material Environment to the Classical Explanation and Reconciliation of Physical Phenomena (Continued) byDr. Theodore D. Mitsopoulos
2006Deriving an Atom?fs Stability from Classical Mechanics and from the Special Theory of Relativity byKoshun Suto
1988Energy and Momentum in Electrodynamics byD. E. McLennan
1988The Fundamental Equations of Electrodynamics byD. E. McLennan
1991A Gedanken Experiment With Relativistic Fields byDr. Cynthia Kolb Whitney
1997On the History of the Special Relativity Concept byAlexei A. Tyapkin
1987On the Impossibility of Relativity, Classical or "Special" byA. Seifert
2008Introduction and Acceptance of a Classical Charge Fiber Model (CFM) of Elementary Particles Evaluated by Means of an Online Tutorial-Based Survey byDr. Gerald M. Brown
2005Newton's Second Law is a Relativistic Law without Einstein's Relativity byNizar Hamdan
1997The Problem of Surface Charges and Fields in Coaxial Cables and its Importance for Relativistic Physics byProf. Andre K. T. Assis, J. I. Cisneros
1978Quantum = classical + relativistic byProf. Joe Alexander Nahhas
1979Shrodinger Equation derived From Newton's - Kepler's F = 0 byProf. Joe Alexander Nahhas
2009True Nature of Potential Energy of a Hydrogen Atom byKoshun Suto
1991The Unification of Physics Through Classical Physics byDr. Theodore D. Mitsopoulos
2010Yukawa-Type Potential Effects in the Anomalistic Period of Celestial Bodies byProf. Ioannis Iraklis Haranas, Prof. Omiros Ragos, Vasile Mioc
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