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Abstracts (12 Clocks - Index)

2000Circular Motion, Gravitational Potential, and Clocks byJim Hodges
2001Clocks and Relativity byJohn Stettler
1980Clocks and Special Relativity byDonald T. MacRoberts
2009Effects to Acknowledge the Origin of Inertia, Gravitation, the Movement of the Universe and to Establish Fundamental Physical Laws byToan Nguyen Minh
1990Experimental Data and Simultaneity byJohn Philip Claybourne
2009Internal Momentum Changes Manifesting as Clock Rate Changes in GPS Clocks byViraj Fernando
1994Investigations with Lasers, Atomic Clocks and Computer Calculations of Curved Spacetime and of the Differences Between the Gravitation Theories of Yilmaz and of Einstein byProf. Carroll O. Alley
2000The Paradox of Changing Time Between Orbiting Clocks and Falling Clocks byJames Carter
2004Those Scandalous Clocks byRonald R. Hatch
1999Simultaneity of Clocks Need Not be a Concern in Special Relativity byNeil E. Munch
2007On Synchronized Clocks at the Ends of a Moving Rod byDionysios G. Raftopoulos
1991Yes, Moving Clocks Run Slowly, but is Time Dilated? byDr. Howard C. Hayden
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