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1992The Black Hole Antenna byJohn F. Sutton
1987Black Holes byHenry P. Dart III
2000Do Black Holes Exist? byDr. Georg Galeczki
1997Black Holes are Tachy byRonald R. Hatch
2006A Brief History of Black Holes byMr. Stephen John Crothers
2000A Classical Look at Stellar Evolution: White Dwarfs, 'Neutron' Stars, and Black Holes byDr. Clarence L. Dulaney
2007Deduction of Orbital Velocities in Disk Galaxies. "Dark Matter": a myth? byThierry De Mees
2011Degenerate Angular Momentum in the Hotson-Westergard Universe Model byBillie Westergard
2009Dynamics of Black Holes and Structure Formation in the Hotson - Westergard Universe Model byBillie Westergard
2009Evidence of Ether byFrancis Viren Fernandes
2005On the Geometry of Rotary Stars and Black Holes byThierry De Mees
2011Gravitational Lensing in Empty Vacuum Space Does NOT Take Place byDr. Edward Henry Dowdye Jr.
Kirchhoff's Black Body byWladimir Guglinski
1997A Lorentzian Approach to General Relativity: Einstein's Closed Universe Reinterpreted byJ. G. Brandes
1983How to Make Black Holes From Golf Holes (A not-too-serious essay, with some serious implications) byValyn C. Williams
2010Mass- and Light-Horizons, Black Holes' Radii, the Schwartzschild Metric and the Kerr Metric byThierry De Mees
2006On the Orbital Velocities Nearby Rotary Stars and Black Holes byThierry De Mees
1994Quasar Spectra: Black Holes or Nonstandard Models? byJack W. Sulentic
2008How Really Massive are the Super-Massive Rotating Black Holes in the Milky Way's Bulge? byThierry De Mees
2009The Schwarzschild Proton byNassim Haramein
2009The Schwarzschild Solution and its Implications for Gravitational Waves byMr. Stephen John Crothers
2011The Stacy McGaugh Law: The Link Between Galaxies, Rotation Speed Link and Visible Mass byChristian Sutterlin
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