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Abstracts (35 Angular - Index)

2005Analytic Description of Cosmic Phenomena Using the Heaviside Field byThierry De Mees
2000The Angular Momentum Aether byProf. Vivian Pope
2010Angular Momentum, Parametric Oscillator and Over Unity byJovan Marjanovic
2003An Angular Momentum Synthesis of ?Gravitational? and ?Electrostatic? Forces byDr. Anthony D. Osborne, Prof. Vivian Pope
2010The Calculation of the Bending of Star Light Grazing the Sun byThierry De Mees
2003A Coherent Dual Vector Field Theory for Gravitation byThierry De Mees
1999The Complete Physics Heresy byProf. Vivian Pope
1989Cosmological Studies of Orbital Angular Momenta byDavid T. Lewis
2007Cyclic Tilt Spin Vector Variations of Main Belt Asteroids due to the Solar Gyro-Gravitation byThierry De Mees
2007Deduction of Orbital Velocities in Disk Galaxies. "Dark Matter": a myth? byThierry De Mees
2011Degenerate Angular Momentum in the Hotson-Westergard Universe Model byBillie Westergard
2010Did Einstein Cheat? How Einstein Solved the Maxwell Analogy Problem byThierry De Mees
2003Discussion: the Dual Gravitation Field versus the Relativity Theory byThierry De Mees
2004Why Does Saturn Have Many Tiny Rings? Cassini-Huygens Mission: New Evidence for the Gravitational Theory with Dual Vector Field byThierry De Mees
2009Dynamics of Black Holes and Structure Formation in the Hotson - Westergard Universe Model byBillie Westergard
2007On the Dynamics of Saturn's Spirally Wound F-ring Edge byThierry De Mees
1991Electromechanical Physical Models of the Electron, Proton, Neutron, and Neutrino byDr. Daniel H. Deutsch
2005On the Geometry of Rotary Stars and Black Holes byThierry De Mees
2007The Gyro-Gravitational Spin Vector Torque Dynamics of Main Belt Asteroids in relationship with their Tilt and their Orbital Inclination byThierry De Mees
2003Lectures on "A Coherent Dual Vector Field Theory for Gravitation" byThierry De Mees
2010Mass- and Light-Horizons, Black Holes' Radii, the Schwartzschild Metric and the Kerr Metric byThierry De Mees
2007Mercury's Perihelion Advance is Caused by Our Milky Way byThierry De Mees
1997A New Appraisal of the Relativistic Quantum byA. M. Awobode
2008Orbital Time Dilation byDr. Anthony D. Osborne, Prof. Vivian Pope
2006On the Orbital Velocities Nearby Rotary Stars and Black Holes byThierry De Mees
1989The Photon byD. E. McLennan
1989Photons and Neutrinos as Electromagnetic Solitons byDr. Geoffrey Hunter, Robert L.P. Wadlinger
2008How Really Massive are the Super-Massive Rotating Black Holes in the Milky Way's Bulge? byThierry De Mees
1990Reinterpreting Planck's constant byDr. Daniel H. Deutsch
1990Studies of the Angular Momenta of Fundamental Particles and Cosmological Masses byDavid T. Lewis
1998Sub-Quantum Physics 2: ?Directional Modality? vs. ?Angular Momentum? in Central Force Wave Mechanics byAlan McCone Jr.
2004Sub-Quantum Physics 7: The Spin-Zero Photon Hypothesis byAlan McCone Jr.
2010Swivelling Time of Spherical Galaxies Towards Disk Galaxies byThierry De Mees
1991The Tau Potential byDon Savage
2005Are Venus' and Uranus' Tilt of Natural Origin? On the Formation of Our Planetary System byThierry De Mees
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