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Abstracts (11 Clusters - Index)

1996Characteristics of High-Density Charge Clusters: A Theoretical Model byShang-Xian Jin, Hal Fox
1997Charge Cluster Transmutation byHal Fox
1997Charge Clusters byKen Shoulders, Steve Shoulders
1997Charge Clusters: The Basis of Zero-Point Energy Inventions byDr. Moray B. King
2004Dark Matter: Early Considerations byJaan Einasto
1990Electron Clusters byDr. Petr Beckmann
1992Field Approach to Molecular Clusters byWalter E. Currah Jr.
1999High-Density Charge Cluster Collective Ion Accelerator byShang-Xian Jin, Hal Fox
1998Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions and High-Density Charge Clusters byHal Fox, Shang-Xian Jin
1988The Motion of Clusters of Galaxies byArnold G. Gulko
1996Observations on the Role of Charge Clusters in Nuclear Cluster Reactions byKen Shoulders, Steve Shoulders
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