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Abstracts (45 Cosmology - Index)

1999'New Energy' and Hodowanec's Rhysmonic Cosmology byBill Ramsay
1989Applications of Dimensional Analysis to Cosmology and Atomic Theory byDavid T. Lewis
2005Back to the Basis ? Observations Support Spherically Closed Dynamic Space byDr. Tuomo Suntola
1988Big Bang: The Need for New Experiments byLee Coe
2009Cosmological Coincidence and Dark Mass Problems in Einstein Universe and Friedman Dust Universe with Einstein's Lambda byDr. James G. Gilson
1988Cosmological Relationships for a Finite Universe byDavid T. Lewis
1989Cosmological Studies of Orbital Angular Momenta byDavid T. Lewis
1999Cosmological Systems and the Ether byDr. Michael Anteski
2000Cosmology Based on a Hierarchy of Finite Isolated Systems in an Infinite Cosmos byDr. Peter F. Browne
2005The First Crisis in Cosmology Conference. Mon??o, Portugal, June 2005 byHilton Ratcliffe
1992The Current Status of the Big Bang Theory of Cosmology byDr. Jerry Bergman
2010The Dark Matter Problem General Relativistic Galactic Rotation Curves in a Friedman Dust Universe with Einstein's Lambda byDr. James G. Gilson
2003Derivation of Weinberg's Relation in a Inflationary Universe byProf. Ioannis Iraklis Haranas
2006On the Epistemological Limits of Physical Cosmology byL?szl? Sz?kely
2002Extension of Mach's Principle and Cosmological Consequences byDr. Amitabha Ghosh
2010Galactic Repulsion (According to 'Hypothesis on MATTER') byNainan K. Varghese
1991Galilean-Newtonian Relativity versus Einsteinian Relativity byLee Coe
2011Gamma-Ray Lines of the X-Class Solar Flare of July 23rd, 2002 Provide Direct Evidence of New Tired Light byLyndon E. Ashmore
2005On the General Solution to Einstein's Vacuum Field for the Point-Mass when lambda ???0 and Its Consequences for Relativistic Cosmology byMr. Stephen John Crothers
2010GPRA Project: Realitivistic Relativity 2.0 byRobert L. DeMelo
2003Gravitating Ether byDr. Karim Amen Khaidarov
1988Inertial Gravity and Cosmology byLee Coe
2000The Infinite and the Eternal in Cosmology, from the Evidence byJames B. Wright
2005Introducing Distance and Measurement in General Relativity: Changes for the Standard Tests and the Cosmological Large-Scale byMr. Stephen John Crothers
1996Logic May Avoid Errors in New Cosmological Theories byFred L. Walker
1996The Logical Origins of Physical Laws from Cosmology byDr. Milo M. Wolff
2000Three Major Errors in Relativity and Cosmology byDr. Roberto A. Monti
2000Milne's Kinematic Relativity byEmer. Prof. Mogens True Wegener
2001A New Approach to the Crisis in Cosmology and Fundamental Particle Theory byDr. Ernest J. Sternglass
2005Observational Cosmology: From High Redshift Galaxies to the Blue Pacific byDr. Halton C. Arp
2011Planetary Magnetism (According to 'Hypothesis on MATTER') byNainan K. Varghese
2010Planetary Orbits (According to 'Hypothesis on MATTER') byNainan K. Varghese
2009Towards the Reinstatement of Absolute Space, and Some Possible Cosmological Implications byDr. Hector A. Munera
2007Relativistic Cosmology Revisited byMr. Stephen John Crothers
1994The Relativistic Electron Pair Theory of Matter and its Implications for Cosmology byDr. Ernest J. Sternglass
2007Relativity?s Space Contraction: Shortcuts through Hyperspace byDr. Danson Jones
1989Resolving Olbers' Paradox byLee Coe
1996Spherical Rotation, Particles and Cosmology byDr. Martin Kokus
2011Stars in an Electric Universe (2011 John Chappell Memorial Paper) byWallace Thornhill
1989Steady-State Cosmology: Once More Unto the Breach? byDr. Thomas E. Phipps Jr.
1990Studies of the Angular Momenta of Fundamental Particles and Cosmological Masses byDavid T. Lewis
1989A Study of Cosmological Functions and Elementary Particle Constants byDavid T. Lewis
2004Supernova Observations Fit Einstein-deSitter Expansion in 4-sphere byDr. Tuomo Suntola, Bob Day
1987Symbiosis and Mutual Aid as Factors in Astronomy and Cosmology byDr. William G. Carnahan
2003A Variable Model of the Fine-Structure Constant byProf. Ioannis Iraklis Haranas
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