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Abstracts (23 Big Bang - Index)

1999"The Big Bang is Bunk" Revisited byGrote Reber
1988Big Bang: The Need for New Experiments byLee Coe
1996Big Bang Theory under Fire byWilliam C. Mitchell
1986The Big Bang Theory, The Greatest Creation MYth of All Time byHenry P. Dart III
1987Why the Big Bang is Wrong byJohn W. Kierein
2000Bye Bye Big Bang, Hello Reality byWilliam C. Mitchell
1991Cold Dark Matter and the Big Bang Theory byArnold G. Gulko
1999The Complete Physics Heresy byProf. Vivian Pope
1996Contradictions in Big Bang Theory byPal R. Molnar
1983Cosmological Effects of the New Aether Experiments byMajor John P. Fernandez
1992The Current Status of the Big Bang Theory of Cosmology byDr. Jerry Bergman
1996Discounting the Big Bang byCapt. James A. Masterson
1992Drum Beat Versus Big Bang byHans-Ulrich Wolter
1988Inertial Gravity and Cosmology byLee Coe
1997A Lorentzian Approach to General Relativity: Einstein's Closed Universe Reinterpreted byJ. G. Brandes
1999A Modification of the Schwartschild Solution for Einstein's Field Equations that Radically Changes Big Bang Theory byRoland L. Hron
1979Nuclear Energy Discovery III: No Big Bang Ever Happened byProf. Joe Alexander Nahhas
1979Nuclear Energy Discovery Supreme: 2/3[100% + 100%/3]= 88.88 % silly missing dark energy byProf. Joe Alexander Nahhas
2010Radiation of Light by 186-Ether: Unity of Light and Gravity byFrancis Viren Fernandes
1996The Red-Shift Cosmic and the Assumption of the Big Bang byGiuseppe Cannata
2010Theory of Non-expanding Universe byProf. Rati Ram Sharma
2009Unified Theory's Non-expanding Universe Replaces Big Bang & Steady State Theories of Expanding Universe byProf. Rati Ram Sharma
1999The Universe Began as a Great Fire, Not a "Big Bang" byJames Carter
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