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Abstracts (10 Black Holes - Index)

1987Black Holes byHenry P. Dart III
2000Do Black Holes Exist? byDr. Georg Galeczki
2006A Brief History of Black Holes byMr. Stephen John Crothers
2000A Classical Look at Stellar Evolution: White Dwarfs, 'Neutron' Stars, and Black Holes byDr. Clarence L. Dulaney
2011Degenerate Angular Momentum in the Hotson-Westergard Universe Model byBillie Westergard
2009Dynamics of Black Holes and Structure Formation in the Hotson - Westergard Universe Model byBillie Westergard
1997A Lorentzian Approach to General Relativity: Einstein's Closed Universe Reinterpreted byJ. G. Brandes
1983How to Make Black Holes From Golf Holes (A not-too-serious essay, with some serious implications) byValyn C. Williams
1994Quasar Spectra: Black Holes or Nonstandard Models? byJack W. Sulentic
2009The Schwarzschild Proton byNassim Haramein
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