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1989Applications of Dimensional Analysis to Cosmology and Atomic Theory byDavid T. Lewis
1994Atomic Cascade Experiments With Two-Channel Polarizers and Quantum Mechanical Nonlocality byM. Ardehali
1979Atomic Energy Academic Incompetence: The case of the line spectra of the atom byProf. Joe Alexander Nahhas
2006Three Atomic Quantites Derived From an Electrodynamics Experiment in Discharge Condition (~40000K) byDr. Giancarlo Cavalleri, Francesco Barbero, G. Bertazzi, Ernesto Tonni, Leonardo Bosi, Dr. Gianfranco Spavieri
1983The Big Push Inward Toward Center of Sol APGR Breakthrough Model byDr. William G. Carnahan
2001Cold Fusion Phenomenon and Atomic Processes in Transition-Metal Hydrides and Deuterides byDr. Hideo Kozima, J. Warner, G. Goddard
1979Detection of Absolute Motion from Atomic Timekeeping Data byMartin Ruderfer
1994Investigations with Lasers, Atomic Clocks and Computer Calculations of Curved Spacetime and of the Differences Between the Gravitation Theories of Yilmaz and of Einstein byProf. Carroll O. Alley
2011The Neutron: Modeled as a Fieldstructure byDon Briddell
2006A New Physical Model for Calculation of Atomic Mass byDr. Dezso Sarkadi
1992Non-Hertzian Effects on the Atomic Spectra of Water byDr. Glen Rein
1994Optical Tests of Bell's Inequalities Closing the Poor Correlation Loophole bySusana F. Huelga
1999Radiant Energy byBruce A. Perrault
2010Zero Point Energy and the Redshift byBarry John Setterfield
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