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Abstracts (9 Compton - Index)

1978Compton's "Apparent" Wave-Length Contraction Effect byProf. Joe Alexander Nahhas
1968The Compton Effect Interpretation of Solar Red Shift byJohn W. Kierein, B. M. Sharp
2010Compton Effect Obeys Newton's Law byProf. Qing Zeng
1997Correspondence and Commensurability in Modern Physics (a Study of the Compton Effect) byJenner Barretto Bastos-Filho
1978The Equivalence of Compton and Doppler Effects byDr. Stefan Marinov
1983Implications of the Compton Effect Interpretation of the Red Shift byJohn W. Kierein
2006A Model for Davies? Universal Superforce byWilliam C. Daywitt
2008Origin of the Compton and de Broglie Relations byWilliam C. Daywitt
1996The Stability of the Static Universe with the Compton Effect Red Shift byJohn W. Kierein
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