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1989Continuum's Continuous Conflict byTito M. Tonietti
2011Evolution at the Surface of Euclid: Elements of a Long Infinity in Motion Along Space byDr. Marvin Eli Kirsh
1997On the History of the Special Relativity Concept byAlexei A. Tyapkin
2010Mind, Matter and Surface: A Two Timing Nature or a Whole Concept byDr. Marvin Eli Kirsh
1994The Physical Meaning of Albert Einstein's Relativistic Ether Concept byProf. Ludwig Kostro
2007On Poynting's Theorem and Reciprocity Relations for Discontinuous Fields byProf. Dr. Burak Polat
2011Where the Shape of the Egg Comes From? byDr. Marvin Eli Kirsh
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