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Abstracts (11 Copenhagen - Index)

2000Copenhagen's Single System Assumption is Out of Order byDr. Evert Jan Post
1999Copenhagen's Single System Premise Prevents a Unified View of Integer and Fractional Quantum Hall Effect byDr. Evert Jan Post
1997The Copenhagen Delusions of a Dutch Uncle byDr. Evert Jan Post
2004Correspondence: Rumblings against Copenhagen Hegemony byDr. Evert Jan Post
2000Didactic Stumbling Blocks in Modern Physics byDr. Evert Jan Post
1996Towards an Einsteinian Quantum Theory byDr. Tom Love
2008Future of Science and Nobel Report bySatya Pal Asija
1988Heisenberg's Epistemological Omission byDr. Evert Jan Post
2008Theoretical Prediction of the Size of a Proton and Revision of the Rydberg Formula byKoshun Suto
1989Understanding the Quantum Hall Effect byDr. Evert Jan Post
1999The Unreasonable Persistence of Questionable Physical Doctrine byDr. Evert Jan Post
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