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1997Calculating the Newtonian Constant of Gravitation (G) byBert Schreiber
2010Clock in Accelerated Motion Slowing down is Necessity of Newton?s Law byProf. Qing Zeng
2001Contradiction Between the Uncertainty Principle and the Constancy of Light Speed byProf. Yi-Fang Chang
1993Derivation of the Fine Structure Constant in Terms of the Electric Charge and Planck's Constant byArnold G. Gulko
2003Derivation of Weinberg's Relation in a Inflationary Universe byProf. Ioannis Iraklis Haranas
2011The Discovery of the Gravitational Constant as a Specific Stellar Property Simplifies the Description of Gravity byThierry De Mees
2010About the Dual Parametrization of c byHelmut Hansen
1988Electromechanical Physical Model of the Photon byDr. Daniel H. Deutsch
1991Electromechanical Physical Models of the Electron, Proton, Neutron, and Neutrino byDr. Daniel H. Deutsch
2005Errors of Physics Entrenched for Decades ? Plus Corrections byDr. Ing. Martin M?ller
1989Fifth Force, Sixth Force, and all That: A Theoretical (Classical) Comment byErasmo Recami, Vilson Tonin-Zanchin
1985The Fine Structure Constant byArnold G. Gulko
2000The Fine Structure Constant byPaul A. Stowe
2007The Fine-structure Constant and Some Relationships Between the Electromagnetic Wave Constants byForrest Bishop
1988The Fundamental Indivisible Quantized Energy Unit That is Implicit and Inherent Within Planck's Constant of Action, h, in Erg-Second byVictor G. Hobson
2010Galactic Repulsion (According to 'Hypothesis on MATTER') byNainan K. Varghese
2011The Gravitational Stellar Constant Allows for an Improved Description of Stellar and Black Hole Dynamics byThierry De Mees
1988Harmonics in the Hydrogen Atom byDr. Cynthia Kolb Whitney
2008Hydrogen Cloud Separation as Direct Evidence of the Dynamics of the Universe byLyndon E. Ashmore
1994Interbasis "Sphere-Cylinder" Expansions for the Oscillator in the Three-Dimensional Space of Constant Positive Curvature byGeorge S. Pogosyan, A. N. Sissakian, S. I. Vinitsky
2008The Karlsson Peaks in the Quasar's Redshift Distribution as an Indication for Circling Light in a Non-Expanding Universe byThierry De Mees
1974Light projection velocity and not light velocity that is measured as constant byProf. Joe Alexander Nahhas
2009The Magnetic and Faraday Fields as Planck Vacuum Responses byWilliam C. Daywitt
2007Measurement of Gravitomagnetic and Acceleration Fields around Rotating Superconductors byDr. Martin Tajmar, Florin Plesescu, Bernhard Seifert, Klaus Marhold
1974A Minimum Photon Rest Mass Using Planck's Constant and Discontinuous Electromagnetic Waves byDr. William M. Honig
2006A Model for Davies? Universal Superforce byWilliam C. Daywitt
1988Multiple States in the Hydrogen Atom byDr. Cynthia Kolb Whitney
2008A New Aspect of Planck's Constant byDr. Milos Abadzic
2008A New Aspect of Planck's Constant byDr. Milos Abadzic
2011New Gravity, Happily Divorced from Relativity byDavid V. Connell
1988A New Perspective on the Hydrogen Atom byDr. Cynthia Kolb Whitney
2008Origin of the Compton and de Broglie Relations byWilliam C. Daywitt
1989The Photon byD. E. McLennan
1989Photons and Neutrinos as Electromagnetic Solitons byDr. Geoffrey Hunter, Robert L.P. Wadlinger
1999Planck's Constant and the Energy of Radiation byDr. Clarence L. Dulaney
1999Planck's Constant From Hubble's Constant: Cosmological Origin of Terrestrial ZPF & Zitterbewegung byDr. Robert W. Bass, Dean Zes
2010Radiation of Light by 186-Ether: Unity of Light and Gravity byFrancis Viren Fernandes
2009A Reinterpretation of the von Klitzing and Josephson constants byMichael Jefferson Lawrence
1990Reinterpreting Planck's constant byDr. Daniel H. Deutsch
2007Revealing the Essence of Planck?fs Constant byKoshun Suto
2004About the Rydberg Constant byA. N. Boyko
2002Sakharov's Temperature Limit in a Schwarzchild Metric Modified by a Cosmological Constant Λ byProf. Ioannis Iraklis Haranas
2008Sub-Quantum Physics 10: The N-Wave Photon Explains Planck's Constant byAlan McCone Jr.
2002The Temperature of a Black Hole in a De-Sitter Space-Time byProf. Ioannis Iraklis Haranas
2008Theoretical Calculation of the Hubble Constant and Relation to CMB and CIB byGonzalo A. Moreno-Jim?nez
1988A Theory of Proton Creation byDr. Harold Aspden
1979Universal gravitational constant G: Investigative report byProf. Joe Alexander Nahhas
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