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Abstracts (9 Broglie - Index)

1995The Aarau Question and the de Broglie Wave byDr. Georg Galeczki
1996De Broglie Wave Physics byProf. Kyrill P. Butusov
2009A Critical Analysis of Einstein's Non-Conform Analogy Between Rotation And Gravitatiton. Part I: Theory And Experiment. Part II: Harmony Between Non-Locality And The STR In Both Micro And Macro Worlds. byProf. Dr. Tolga Yarman, Metin Arik, Prof. Alexander L. Kholmetskii
2007Derivation of de Broglie's Relations from Newton?s Second Law byNizar Hamdan
1988Elementary Quanta of Action of the Four Fundamental Interactions, Units Determined by the Universal Constants, and the Three-Wave Model of the Elementary Particle byProf. Ludwig Kostro
2009Model Synthesis of Corpuscular and Wave Properties of Matter byYuri I. Petrov
2008Origin of the Compton and de Broglie Relations byWilliam C. Daywitt
1989On the Possibility of a Rationalistic Approach to Microphysics byProf. Franco Selleri
1984On Universal Fliuds and De Broglie Waves byM. F. Podlaha, Torgny Sj?din
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