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Abstracts (11 Coil - Index)

1984Ball Lightning Research via Computer Tesla Coil Design byRonald J. Kovac
1999Condenser Discharge Radiant Energy Generator byBruce A. Perrault
1992Design & Construction of a 1/2 Wave Tesla Coil byWilliam C. Wysock
2008Method and Apparatus for Spacecraft Propulsion with Field Shield Protection byDr. Stoyan Sarg
1987The Moray Device and the Hubbard Coil Were Nuclear Batteries byDr. Paul M. Brown
1995Rodin Coil Design byBill Ramsay
1995Rodin Coil Test Result Explanations byBill Ramsay
1979The Smith Coil byGaston Burridge
1992Tesla Coil Instrumentation byDr. Gary L. Johnson
1988Tesla Coils: An RF Power Processing Tutorial for Engineers byKenneth L. Corum, Dr. James F. Corum
1992Use of Mirror Image Symmetry in Coil Winding, Applications and Advantages in Magnetic Field Generation byToby Grotz
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