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Abstracts (8 Biological - Index)

1996Biological Effects of Ultrasonic Cavitation byT. V. Prevenslik
1999K-Na-K Nuclear Transmutations Inside the Living Cell byDr. Panos Pappas
1997The Microcosmic and Biological Significance of Photon Fluid byRobert A. Kerr
1990Non-Hertzian Scalar Energy and EM Energy: The Biological Connection byDr. Glen Rein
1996Planck Energy and Biological Effects of Ultrasonic Cavitation byT. V. Prevenslik
1998Practical Applications of Aether Theory: Biological and Atmospheric Experiments byDr. James DeMeo
2010Space: Negative Selection, Physical Constraint, and Symmetry byDr. Marvin Eli Kirsh
2009Uniqueness, Self Belonging and Intercourse in Nature [Revised] byDr. Marvin Eli Kirsh
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