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Abstracts (9 Constants - Index)

1993Dimensional Analysis and Fundamental Physical Constants in N-Dimensional Spaces for Real N byJenner Barretto Bastos-Filho, R. M. X. de Araujo
2007The Fine-structure Constant and Some Relationships Between the Electromagnetic Wave Constants byForrest Bishop
1986Fundamental Constants derived from Two-Dimensional Harmonic Oscillations in an Electrically Structured Vacuum byDr. Harold Aspden
2009An Interesting Number in Physics byDr. Dezso Sarkadi
1994Physics Without Physical Constants byProf. Edward Kapuscik
2007Revealing the Essence of Planck?fs Constant byKoshun Suto
1988The Theory of the Proton Constants byDr. Harold Aspden
2003A Variable Model of the Fine-Structure Constant byProf. Ioannis Iraklis Haranas
2010Zero Point Energy and the Redshift byBarry John Setterfield
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