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Abstracts (8 Beta - Index)

Beta Decay byWladimir Guglinski
1976The Beta Structure Hypothesis byDr. Thomas E. Phipps Jr.
1990The Beta Voltaic Effect byDr. Paul M. Brown
1999Betavoltaic Batteries byDr. Paul M. Brown
2011Degenerate Angular Momentum in the Hotson-Westergard Universe Model byBillie Westergard
2009Did the Proto-Gas Planets' Core Lose Mass Before Their Final Formation? Did Beta-Decay of Neutrons Occur? byThierry De Mees
2009Dynamics of Black Holes and Structure Formation in the Hotson - Westergard Universe Model byBillie Westergard
1997Induced and Spontaneous Beta Decays 0f 35 < A < 210 Isotopes byRobert B. Driscoll
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