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Electromagnetism and Relativity: With Particular Reference to Moving Media and Electromagnetic Induction

by Ernest Geoffrey Cullwick

Pages: 299
Publisher: Longmans, Green
Year: 1957/1959

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Electromagnetism and Relativity, published in 1957, was one of the first to provide an analysis of the probable coupling between EM and inertial fields. Cullwick realized that Maxwell's equations and most existing theories of electrodynamics assume that the mass of an electron is zero. At Maxwell's time this was a reasonable assumption. But it is well known today that electrons have mass, and therefore an inertial momemtum is always associated with an electric current. Cullwick suggested in his analysis that coupling terms between EM and inertia may be very small, but would likely appear sometime in the future as we go to higher current densities. And he was one of the first scientists to predict some of the odd effects which can now seen with superconductors. Cullwick was also one of the first to identify and attempt an analysis of the relativistic paradoxes and unusual effects which occur in a rotating EM field. His work still stands today as one of the only existing efforts to consider the problem of a rotating EM field.
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