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Atlin - Knowing I AM

by Dale Pond

KeyWords: Atlin, musical dynasphere, etheric physics, motor, spiritual science

Pages: 91
Publisher: Delta Spectrum Research
Year: 2001

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"A few years ago a project was undertaken to create a machine to generate mechanical power that would produce useable electricity and drive machinery. This machine had been originally invented and built in the 1880s and did indeed generate mechanical power. The team, assembled to recreate this device, thought they could duplicate this instrument using modern technology. As innocent as this goal was - things turned out rather differently. The machine was built in a surprisingly short time. Did it successfully generate power? Not in the expected way but in a way so surprising as to be near unbelievable."

The story of Atlin and the people who built her. How the dynasphere was built, when, where, how and who. A personal account of the historical backgrounds, events and people by Dale Pond. Includes extensive review of construction, operation, experiences and findings on heart, health, Consciousness and connections between Mind and Matter.  8.5" x 11" 88 pages with photos, references, bibliography and glossary.
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