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38 years ago
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Country: United States

United States Psychotronic s Association Conference
Conference website:

Date:Sunday, July 1, 1979
Length:1 day
Where:United States

  • Thomas E. Bearden, Soviet Psychotronic Weapons, Parts 1 & 2 (1979) C14, 15
  • Robert C. Beck, Extreme Low Frequency Magnetic Pulses and E.E.G. Entrainment - Soviet Psychotronic Weapon? (1979) C13
  • Robert Beutlich, Survey of Physics, Year 2001 (1979) C3
  • Christopher Bird (D), History of Dowsing (1979) C12
  • Bill Cox, Ancient Egyptian Technology (1979) C10
  • Jerry G. Gallimore, (D), Parapsychology and Physics (1979) C1
  • Jerry G. Gallimore, Pilot study of the Effect of Gravity Phasor Emitter on Growth of Staph and Coli Colonies (read by David Rhodes) (1979) C12a
  • Rose Gladden, Dinner Speaker, Awards Presentation (1979) C7
  • Rose Gladden, The Mind Mirror (w/ Ruth Henry), Parts 1 & 2 (1979) C17, C18
  • Ruth Henry, The Mind Mirror (w/ Rose Gladden) Parts 1 & 2 (1979) C17, C18
  • T. Galen Hieronymus (D), History of Radionics, Parts 1 & 2 (1979) C4, C5
  • Jason Janus, Biospheric Applications (1979) C21
  • Peter Kelly, Color, Vibrations, Radionics, ELF to Light (1979) C6
  • Earle Lane, Psychotronic Technology, State of the Art (1979) C2
  • Joan Orion, Human Frequency Research (1979) C20
  • Paul Sauvin, Detection of Human Interactions Over a Distance (1979) C19
  • Dr. Charles Whitehouse, New Instrumentation for Radionics (1979) C11

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