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37 years ago
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Country: United States

United States Psychotronic s Association Conference
Conference website:

Date:Tuesday, July 1, 1980
Length:1 day
Where:United States

  • Thomas E. Bearden, Mind and Matter Interaction (1980) D9
  • Robert Beutlich, Quarks, Occult Chemistry and the String Model (1980) D2
  • Alfred Bielek, A Magnetic Pacer (w/ Bill Bise) (1980) D7
  • Jerry G. Gallimore, Paraphysics Exploration (1980) D11
  • Ann Johnson, Alteration of Brain Frequencies for Space Communication (1980) D13
  • Kathleen Joyce, Radionic Instruments, Research and Design (1980) D3a
  • Peter Kelly, Commentary on the Hieronymus Videotape (1980) D8a
  • Ivan Kruglak, Mind Mirror Demonstration (1980) D10
  • Joseph Maguire, Mathematics of Cone Design (1980) D3b2
  • Clinton Miller, National Health Federation on the Whitehouse Case (1980) D5
  • John Moray, Keynote Speaker, : Sea of Energy (1980) D12
  • Joan Orion, Training in Energy Awareness (1980) D1
  • William L. Van Bise, A Magnetic Pacer (w/ Alfred Bielek) (1980) D7
  • Dr. Charles Whitehouse, Virginia Board of Medicine vs. Whitehouse (1980) D4
  • William Wolensky, Bio-types (1980) D6

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