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36 years ago
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Country: United States

United States Psychotronic s Association Conference
Conference website:

Date:Wednesday, July 1, 1981
Length:1 day
Where:United States

  • Thomas E. Bearden, Single Human Problem and Its Psychotronic Solution (1981) E15
  • Thomas E. Bearden, The Fourth Law of Logic and Suppression of Nikola Tesla (1981) E2
  • Robert C. Beck, Holographic Model of the Brain (1981) E11
  • Robert Beutlich, Correlations between Kaballah, Odic Periodic Table, and Quarks (1981) E16
  • Alfred Bielek, Measurements of ELF and Its Parameters (w/ Bill Bise) (1981) E10
  • Jerry G. Gallimore, My Research in Gravity, Space, Time and Energy, and Alternate Sources of Energy (1981) E3
  • Michael Heleus, Astrosonics and Cosmic Resonance (1981) E14
  • Sarah Hieronymus, Practical Uses of Eloptic Energy (1981) E4b
  • T. Galen Hieronymus, Sunspots Trigger Earthquakes (1981) E4a
  • T. Galen Hieronymus, Keynote Speaker:, Psychotronics on the Threshold (1981) E9a
  • Ann Johnson, It's All in Your Mind (1981) E5a
  • Ann Johnson, The Human Mind - The Infinite Potential (1981) E5b
  • John Kaizer, Alternative Energy Sources (1981) E9b
  • Ivan Kruglak, Further Experiments with the Mind Mirror (1981) E18
  • Robert Lawrence, Saran Wrap for Healing (1981) E8b
  • Samuel Lentine, (D) New Slant on Placebos: Theory and Practice (1981) E20
  • Samuel Lentine, Effects of Orgone Energy on Atomic and Nuclear Processes (1981) E21
  • Rocky McCollum, Pyramid Energy and Its Forms (1981) E13
  • Henry Monteith, The UFO and Unified Field Theory (1981) E19
  • Joan Orion, Energy Patterns of Substances (1981) E7b
  • Andrija Puharich, The Mechanism of Bio-Information Acquisition by Means of Skin Stroking (1981) E1
  • Elizabeth Rauscher, Physical Models Applicable to Remote Viewing (1981) E12
  • Steven Rosenblatt, Electro-physiological Properties of Acupuncture (1981) E8a
  • Martin Ruderfer, Misconceptions in Established Science and Their Relevance to Psychotronics (1981) E6a
  • Martin Ruderfer, The Scientific Case for Perpetual Motion (1981) E6b
  • Erwin (Red) Stark (D), Awareness, Patterns, Dimensions, and Boundaries (1981) E17
  • William Wolensky, Lakhovsky Multiwave Oscillator (1981) E7a
  • William L. Van Bise, Measurements of ELF and Its Parameters (w/ Al Bielek) (1981) E10

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