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34 years ago
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Country: United States

United States Psychotronic s Association Conference
Conference website:

Date:Friday, July 1, 1983
Length:1 day
Where:United States

  • Benedict Arul, Cancer: A Prohomeostatic Systemal Strategy (1983) G22
  • Dr. William Bauer, Neuro-Electric Medicine (1983) G2
  • Thomas E. Bearden, New Electromagnetics: Where the "Old Math" Took the Wrong Turn (1983) G33
  • Robert C. Beck, Neuro-Electric Therapy: Micro-Electronic Brain Tuners Might Be Tomorrow's "Miracle Cure" Black Box (1983) G13
  • Robert Beutlich, Genetic Code from the Kabbala (1983) G7
  • Robert Beutlich, Occult Chemistry Revisited and Reviewed - New Data (1983) G25a
  • Joseph Cater, Soft Particle Physics (1983) G32a
  • Riley Crabb, World Power Grid System and ELF Waves (1983) G28b
  • E. James Faubel, Subtle Energy and the Chakras (1983) G26a
  • Gary Fleck, Crystal Healing and Energy Attunement (1983) G31b
  • George Freibott, Suppression of Successful Oxygen Therapy of Cancer (1983) G30b
  • Jerry Fridenstine, Energy Towers and Agri-Radionics; and Keynote Address, (1983) G9
  • Jerry G. Gallimore, Solid State Psychic Sensor (1983) G14
  • Jerry G. Gallimore, Psychotronics: Past, Present and Future (1983) G32b
  • Toby Grotz, Spectral Analysis of the Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator from 20 Hz to 20 GHz (1983) G31a
  • Haroldine, Lithium, the Ultimate Crystal Compound (1983) G6
  • George Hathaway, Non-conventional Energy Technology; Recent and Past Developments (1983) G4
  • Sarah Hieronymus, Eloptic Energy and Plant Genetics (1983) G23a
  • T. Galen Hieronymus, Eloptic Energy and Agricultural Innovations (1983) G23b
  • Jack Houck, A Conceptual Model of Paranormal Phenomena Spoon Bending (1983) G24b
  • Kathleen Joyce, Psychotronics and Pythagorean/Platonic World View (1983) G29a
  • M. Kelly, Consciousness, Vibrations, and Patterns of Crystallization (w/ Sam Lentine) (1983) G29b
  • Peter Kelly, Report and Update, Interdimensional Sciences (1983) G10
  • James Kness, Some Electrical Engineering Problems in Free Energy Technology (1983) G28a
  • Lutie Larsen, Radionic Balancing and You: Home, Family, Garden and Animals (1983) G17
  • Samuel Lentine, Consciousness, Vibrations, and Patterns of Crystallization (w/ M. Kelly) (1983) G29b
  • Lia Lissant, Vitally Intensified Music, ELF-HF Patterns and Demonstration (1983) G18
  • Preston Nichols, From Telepathy to Vacuum Tubes (1983) G34
  • Joan Orion, Bio-Training/Fantasy Techniques; Analogies with Brain Research (1983) G27b
  • Loren Parks, Simple Healing of Chronic Conditions, Lecture and Demonstration (1983) G19
  • David Owen, Kirlian Photography (1983) G25b
  • Andrija Puharich, Successful Treatment of Mammary Neoplasms in Mice with Gaseous Superoxide Anion and Ozone - A Theoretical Discussion of the Data (1983) G15
  • Elizabeth Rauscher, Electromagnetic Phenomena in Complex Geometries and Non-Linear Non-Hertzian Waves and Magnetic Monopoles (1983) G3
  • Hugh Scott, Low Frequency Sound and ELF Effects on Health in Home from Heating Plant and Appliances (1983) G26b
  • Edwin Skilling, The Hendershot Generator (1983) G1
  • Edwin Skilling, Circuits and Construction of ELF-TENS Units (1983) G24a
  • Erwin (Red) Stark, The Connections with Tomorrow (1983) G27a
  • Dennis Stillings, Bakken Library, Medical Archives and Radionic History (1983) G5
  • Walter Uphoff, Psychokinetic Effects Captured on Film (1983) G20
  • Thomas Valone, The One-Piece Faraday Generator (1983) G30a
  • William L. Van Bise, Liquid Psychic Sensors Lecture and Demonstration (1983) G16
  • Marcel Vogel, (D) The De la Warr Camera: Its Theory and Operation (1983) G35
  • Sue Wallace, Magnets and Their Use in Healing (1983) G21
  • Dr. Charles Whitehouse, New Designs in Radionics Using Crystals (1983) G8

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