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32 years ago
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Country: United States

United States Psychotronic s Association Conference
Conference website:

Date:Monday, July 1, 1985
Length:1 day
Where:United States

  • Murray Bast, Applying the Tesla Physics to the Farm (1985) J35a
  • Rozanne Bazinet, Effects of Wearing Quartz Crystal on Measures of Stress in Individuals (1985) J30b
  • Thomas E. Bearden, Soviet Weather Engineering Over North America, (1985) J14ab
  • Thomas E. Bearden, Foundations of Scalar Electromagnetics, (1985) J4ab
  • Thomas E. Bearden, Introduction to Tutorial Day of Tesla Physics (w/ Elizabeth Rauscher) (1985) J1a
  • Robert C. Beck, President's Opening Message (1985) J1a
  • Robert C. Beck, Advanced Electronic Sensors of Occult Influences in Health and Disease (1985) J16ab
  • Bent Tree, Native American Medicine Practices of the 21st Century (1985) J23b
  • Robert Beutlich, Three-Dimensional Plot of 8 x 8 Matrix: I Ching, Time, Electric, Magnetic, and Gravity Fields (1985) J20b
  • Alfred Bielek, Countermeasures II: A New Approach to the ELF Problem (1985) J12b
  • Anna Mary Bierley, Tesla, The Man and His Creativity (1985) J26b
  • Fred Blau, Physics of Telepathy, Psychokinesis, and Biophysical Healing (1985) J19a,b
  • Fred Blau, The Unnecessary Schism Between Science and Religion (1985) J8b
  • Jan Brice, The Esoteric Worldview: A Ready-Made Conceptual Framework for Psychotronics (1985) J18ab
  • Eldon Byrd, Transcendental Meditation (1985) J7a
  • Jack Dea, Fundamental Fields and Phase Information (1985) J12a
  • Paul Esch, Psychotronic Engineering (1985) J29ab
  • Gary Fleck, A Kirlian Look at Gems and Crystals (1985) J24a
  • Jerry Fridenstine, Applying the Tesla Physics to the Farm (1985) J34a
  • Jerry Fridenstine, ELF in Agriculture and Home, and Our Solution (1985) J34b
  • Jerry G. Gallimore, Proof of Unusual Energy Field (1985) J17b
  • Mary Hardy, Theory of Electromagnetic Chemistry and How It Relates to Color Therapy, Homeopathy, and Psychotronics (1985) J21ab
  • Joe Gambill, Paranormal Photography and Enlargement, with Interpretation (1985) J17a
  • Barbara Hero, International Harmony Based Upon a Music of Planetary Grid (1985) J26a
  • Jack Houck, A Conceptual Model of Paranormal Phenomena, Information Transfer and Mind-Brain Interaction (1985) J1b
  • Kathleen Joyce, Mathematical Analysis of Kelly Radionic Rates (1985) J27b
  • Andrew Junker, Systems Methodology on Brain Wave Entrainment to Visual ELF Stimuli (1985) J6b
  • Peter Kelly, Standards & Ethics of Frequency Generation Equipment (1985) J31ab
  • Moray B. King, Macroscopic Vacuum Polarization (1985) J3b
  • Lutie Larsen, Tuning In To Medicine Wheel Consciousness (1985) J22b
  • Samuel Lentine, Preliminary Report on Extension of Functional Approach to Psychotronic Biosynthesis (1985) J27a
  • Eugenia Macer-Story, Matrix Model of Time Density and Telluric Field Characteristics May Describe Gravitational Anomalies (1985) J20a
  • Rocky McCollum, The Bergamo Chart (1985) J32a,b
  • Frank Meyer, Beyond Space and Time: The Third Sector of the Human Universe (1985) J9a,b
  • Henry Monteith, Overlooked Unifying Principle in Physics, (1985) J13b
  • Henry Monteith, A New Approach to Electromagnetics, (1985) J3a
  • Ken Moore, Experiments with a Bedini/West German Type Pulsed DC Motor (1985) J7b
  • Joyce Morris, Reiki: A Healing Modality - Workshop (1985) J25ab
  • Preston Nichols, Further Research on Scalar Waves (1985) J11abc
  • Niels Primdahl, Electronic Homeopathy and Colight Color Therapy (1985) J24b
  • Andrija Puharich, The Final Solution to the ELF Problem (1985) J10a,b
  • Elizabeth Rauscher, Theoretical Examination of Nonlinear, Far from Equilibrium, Self-Organizing Phenomena (1985) J15b
  • Elizabeth Rauscher, Examination of Physical Models of Remote Connectedness Phenomena (1985) J2a
  • Elizabeth Rauscher, Introduction to Tutorial Day of Tesla Physics (w/ Tom Bearden) (1985) J1a
  • Alice Schilling, Therapist and Operator Protection: Dispelling Negative Energies (1985) J28a
  • Edwin Skilling, Infrared Detection in Psychotronics (1985) J13a
  • Joe Terry-Smith, Crystal Ceremony for Blessing and Purification (1985) J23a
  • Marty Stewart, Bringing Everything Into Balance (1985) J35b
  • Dennis Stillings, History of Radionics, Part I (1985) J28b
  • Dennis Stillings, History of Radionics, Part II (1985) J33ab
  • Lynn Surgalla, ELF Effects on Cellular Membranes (1985) J6a
  • Thomas Valone, New Technology for "The New Age": ELF Measurement and Demonstration (1985) J8a
  • William L. Van Bise, Acoustic Lasers: How to Disable Surveillance Satellites (1985) J15a
  • Ron Van Meter, Color and Achieving Balance (1985) J22a
  • Pharis Williams, The New Dynamical Theory, A New View of Space, Time and Matter (1985) J2b

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