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31 years ago
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Country: United States

United States Psychotronic s Association Conference
Conference website:

Date:Tuesday, July 1, 1986
Length:1 day
Where:United States

  • Murray Bast, Concepts of Dis-Ease and How to Reverse (1986) K53b
  • Dr. William Bauer, Latest Results from Use of TENS Units (1986) H17a
  • Rozanne Bazinet, The Importance of Proper Training in the Use of Quartz Crystals (1986) K49b
  • Thomas E. Bearden, Update on Soviet Psychotronic Weather Engineering and Weapons (1986) K40a-d
  • Robert C. Beck, Original Tesla Paper (circa 1934) on the "Death Ray" (1986) H16a
  • Robert C. Beck, President's Opening Message (1986) K1a
  • Robert C. Beck, Psychotronics, Radionics - An Historical Review (1986) K18a
  • Robert Beutlich, Field Patterns and Ley Lines at the Etoweh Indian Mounds (1986) K47b
  • Jan Brice, Application of Transcendental Mystical Knowledge to Prevention of the Impending Psychotronics War (1986) K51b
  • Tom Brown, The Living Sphere (1986) K15a
  • Tom Brown, New Designs in MWO and Results (w/ Eric Dollard) (1986) K50a
  • Eldon Byrd, Conscious-to-Subconscious Communication (1986) K25b
  • Roger Calvary, Esoteric Radionics (1986) K12b
  • Dan Carlson, Feeding the World (1986) K8b
  • Diane Cirillo, Color, Music, Form, and Movement; A Synergistic Approach (1986) K45b
  • Beverly Coleman, The Song Is You (Live Experiment with Mind Mirror, Music, and Color) (1986) K55a-d
  • Roy Curtain, Design of the Hololinguistic Processor (A Computer-Aided Electro-Acupuncture Analyzer) (1986) K6
  • Jack Dea, Instantaneous Interactions (1986) K36
  • Patti Deuyl, Bach Remedies - Analysis and Use; also, What Color Are You? (1986) K44a,b
  • Eric Dollard, Principles of Wireless Power (1986) K32a
  • Eric Dollard, New Designs in MWO and Results (w/ Tom Brown) (1986) K50a
  • Elaine Finster, Sound, Color & Crystals (1986) K13a
  • Jerry Fridenstine, Lakhovsky's Wizardry on Agriculture (1986) K52a
  • Jerry G. Gallimore, Test Your Own Psychic Ability (1986) K54b
  • Mary and Dean Hardy, Sakkara, School of Mind Over Matter (1986) H35b
  • Mary Hardy, Mystery of the Planetary Grid (1986) K14b
  • Loretta Hilsher, Magnetism, Homeopathy, Crystals & Indian Medicine (1986) K11a
  • Barbara Hero, Sound Releases Creativity; and Results in Drug Rehabilitation Program (1986) K41a
  • Kathleen Joyce, Pattern Analysis of the Malcolm Rae Cards (1986) H25a
  • Kathleen Joyce, An Artificial Intelligence System for Analyzing Psychotronic Data (1986) K20a
  • Peter Kelly, Beginner's School for Radionics (w/ Bob Beutlich) (1986) K27abc
  • Peter Kelly, Working Detector System for Radionics (1986) K35
  • Ken Killick, Ley Lines: The Intelligent Power of the Earth (1986) K16b
  • Moray B. King, Cohering the Zero Point Energy (1986) K33b
  • Ivan Kruglak, Computerized Mind Mirror (1986) K23b
  • Lutie Larsen, Psychotronic Support of the Home Garden (1986) K46a
  • Samuel Lentine (D), Clinical and Ecological Applications of Chakra Meridian Therapy (1986) K34a
  • Samuel Lentine (D), Metabolic Pathways for Psychochemical Mechanisms (1986) K38b
  • Peter Lindemann, Bio-Pacer: Experimental Jet-Lag System (1986) K24a
  • Eugenia Macer-Story, Anti-Gravity Reality: Does the 5th Force in Physics Relate to ESP/PSK and Healing? (1986) K22a
  • Gene Maury, How to Create a Miracle (1986) K17a,b
  • Norman Mixell, The Structure of Water by Power of Mind (1986) K2a,b
  • Preston Nichols, Geometry of Vacuum Tubes - Scalar (1986) K26ab
  • Rowena Pattee, Mapping of Leptons and Quarks on the I Ching (1986) H16b
  • Gary Peterson, New Medical Model: Demonstration of the Hololinguistic Analyzer (w/ Dr. Lester Rose) (1986) K37a,b
  • Niels Primdahl, Electronic Homeopathy (1986) K10b
  • Andrija Puharich (D), The Nature of the Universe, Nature of Man, and How They "Talk" to Each Other (1986) K3a,b,c
  • Elizabeth Rauscher, Criterion for Existence of a Phenomena (1986) K21b
  • Wm. Reimer, The Thirteenth Cell Salt (1986) K43b
  • Alan Roger, Breakthrough: The Computer Mind Catalyst (1986) K1b
  • Dr. Lester Rose, New Medical Model: Demonstration of the Hololinguistic Analyzer (w/ Gary Peterson) (1986) K37a,b
  • Silverhand, The Sacred Journey (1986) K47a
  • Edwin Skilling, Improving Health with ELF Electronics: Update (1986) H20a
  • Edwin Skilling, It's All in the Mind, with New Concepts in Psychotronic Devices (1986) K7a
  • James Solomon, Light and Energy (1986) H20b
  • James Solomon, Electronic Methods of Pain and Disease Control (1986) K42a
  • Dennis Stillings, History and Development of Radionics (1986) K29d
  • Lynn Surgalla, Bioelectromagnetic Form Resonance & Energy Transduction Mechanisms in Living Systems (1986) K5b
  • Nell Thompson, 1986 Awards Banquet - Keynote Speaker, (1986) K57b
  • Walter Uphoff, Psi-Science & Psychotronics: Evidence, Concepts & Dogma (1986) K4a
  • Thomas Valone, ELF, The Navy and Instrumentation (1986) K39a
  • William L. Van Bise, The Theory of Ghosts (1986) K19b
  • David Whitefeather, Tuning in on a Clear Channel (1986) K9a
  • Dr. Charles Whitehouse, Psychotronic Review (1986) K28a
  • Dr. Charles Whitehouse, Psychotronics Rejuvenation (1986) K28b
  • Dr. Charles Whitehouse, Psychotronics Beamer Projector & Satellite Farming (1986) K31a

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