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2 years ago
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Open Debate on Relativity Objections and Alternatives

Replay recording of meeting:

Date:Saturday, February 28, 2015
Time: 07:00 AM - 09:00 AM (U.S. Pacific time)
New York: 2015-02-28 10:00 AM
Rio: 2015-02-28 01:00 PM
Rome: 2015-02-28 04:00 PM
Delhi: 2015-02-28 08:30 PM
Sydney: 1969-12-31 04:00 PM
Length:2 hours
Where:Online Video Conference
Contact:David Scott de Hilster
Info Tel:310-991-5744
    Guest Speakers:

David Scott de Hilster
Supercomputers, Artist, Filmmaker
Interests: Particle Model, Light, Neomechanics, Growing Earth, Autodynamics

Nationality: USA
Abstracts: 8
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Harry Hamlin Ricker III
Electrical Engineer (Retired)
Interests: Special Relativity, Electromagnetism, History of Science, Philosophy of Science, Astronomy, Astrophysics

Nationality: USA
Abstracts: 10
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This is the first in a new series for our Saturday Morning Video Conferences: an Open Debate Forum. Instead of one person giving a talk and people asking questions later, these video conferences will be open debates on chosen topics.

Each Saturday, we will be debating one question below.  The first week the first question.

  1. Why dissidents object to Einstein's relativity theories and what can be done to advance alternatives. Nick Percival and I have been working on this problem for a long time.
  2. A discussion of some of the specific reasons why dissidents think that mainstream cosmology is is false and what can be done to advance alternatives.
  3. Why aether theories are attractive to dissidents and what can be done to advance them as alternatives to the Einstein theories.

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