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View count: 372 2 Conjoined Experiments to Disprove Virtual Particles

by Sam Micheal

Purpose: Invalidate virtual particle interaction model by finding evidence to support non-virtual interaction.

Outcome: Expected outcome: somewhat tight spectrum of emitted wavelengths associated with bar permanent magnets - and - a more rapid temperature increase (of water sample) associated with magnet vs non-magnetic iron bar.

Type: Experiment
Status: Proposed


Experiment One - The Faraday Cage
Enclose multi-spectrum RF antennas in a Faraday cage. Further, a barrier of lead would help eliminate radioactive sources. The antenna leads would have to be 'piped out' of the cages without significant degradation of cage integrity. The experiment should be run in three stages:
 1. antennas alone
 2. insertion of magnet sized non-magnetic iron bar
 3. insertion of bar sized permanent magnet
A spectral analyzer is attached to RF detectors attached to the antennas. Of course, the RF detector circuits must have incredibly high sensitivity - something like the RF analog of a photomultiplier tube. If this experiment is set up properly, I'm sure we would detect an RF spectrum associated exclusively with the magnet. This would indicate non-virtual particle emission comprising the magnetic field.
Experiment Two - Heating Water with a Permanent Magnet
 0. determine a magnet size appropriate for microwave heating (12.24 cm?)
 1. choose an iron bar with same heat capacity of the magnet
 2. gently warm both bar and magnet (warmer than room temp.)
     (be careful not to demagnetize the magnet)
 3. place each bar next to a test-tube of water with a sensitive thermometer in each
     (make sure both are insulated / isolated similarly)
     (make sure thermometers are not affected by magnetic fields)
     (make sure neither are actually touching their respective test-tubes;
       this is to insure any differing thermal conductivity does not contribute)
If the thermometers are sensitive enough, I'm sure we would detect a more rapid increase of temperature with the magnet's water. This would indicate there is a greater transference of heat from magnet to water via magnetic field. Again this, coupled with data above, would indicate a real magnetic field - NOT VIRTUAL.
If the experimenter chose to deal with magnet heating alone, perhaps a shield could be made to block heat but pass microwaves. This would allow yet another way to verify part two.
Neither experiment should be prohibitively expensive. I assume the most expensive piece of equipment in part two would be the thermometers. Making sure they were not affected by magnetic fields (if they were electronic) might be the stickler. In part one, I assume the expensive piece of equipment would be the RF detector circuits. Note: conventional engineers have already dismissed this idea as ridiculous and a "waste of time". Why? The cost should not be the issue.. Is it because the idea threatens their emotional and financial security? Admittedly, if the virtual particle part of the Standard Model were to 'fall', a major reworking of physics would be in order. But I contend, this simply amounts to 'job security' for conventional folk. There should be no ridicule nor fear associated with this concept. The idea may be dismissed as "idiotic" .. but it may also be described as simply brilliant. ;)

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