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View count: 188 A Challenge to Quantized Absorption by Experiment and Theory

by Eric S Reiter

Purpose: Draw distinction between quantized absorption or continuous absorption for light. Similarly for the matter. To show if photons exist. To show if atoms are always in a particle state. Do matter-waves exist?

Outcome: There are no photons. In a beam-split coincidence experiment, the photon model fails. A singly emitted gamma-ray can trigger two full detection events at rates far exceeding chance. E=hf is a property of matter, not light. Similarly, for the matter-wave, an alpha-ray can go to two detectors, greatly exceeding chance. The atom can split like a wave. This supports the long abandoned loading theory of Planck, Sommerfeld & Debye, others. This is a serious challenge to quantum mechanics.

Type: Experiment
Status: Completed




Diagram 2:

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