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View count: 546 Annihilation of Cancer Cells / Annihilation of Viruses / Fungi / Bacteria / Protozoa

by Francis Viren Fernandes

Purpose: Fast, efficient and safe destruction of cancer tissue and micro-organisms by radio-waves. To achieve ablation of cells with a limited budget of a few thousand USD in comparison with millions spent for the same by other researchers.

Outcome: Antibiotics can be phased out. Few side effects. Rapid destruction of every cell in the body that is targeted by the monoclonal antibody. Gamma knife therapy can be phased out.

Type: Experiment
Status: In Progess
Cost: 2000000 (USD)

Start Date: Friday, May 1, 2009 to Sunday, December 30, 2012


Monoclonal antibodies/Small molecular keys tagged with a transition metal ion encapsulated in a nano polymer bind to a target cancer cell or micro-organism. Shine radiowaves on the whole body. Electrons at a particular frequency are emitted from the metal ion and destruct the cell or micro-organism. The frequency disrupts cellular components.

A combination of pair production and photo-electric effect.


  1. 1. Rats/mice/guinea pigs
  2. 2. Radio-wave emitter at varying frequencies.
  3. 3. Tumor inducing carcinogens.
  4. 4. Monoclonal antibodies
  5. 5. Nano-particles tagged to mono-clonal antibodies.
  6. 6. Microbial strains


  • That monoclonal antibodies / small molecular keys will seek and bind to a specific cell.
  • That radiowaves are nearly harmless to humans.
  • Every cell type can be destructed at a particular electron frequency of bombardment.
  • Pair production and photo-electric effect are well documented phenomena.
  • How a monoclonal antibody can be tagged with a nano particle that can encapsulate a transition metal ion.
  • UNKNOWN: That in-vivo the cancer cells and micro-organisms will be destroyed or inactivated.


    DATE: 1st Nov 2009

                     I have destroyed Candida albicans in vitro with radio waves - RF and now hope to achieve the same in a mouse.

                     I have destroyed cancer cells in a tumor that appeared in the neck of a mouse No. 1 with RF. However metastasis killed the mouse. The next stage is to kill the spreading cancer cells and tumors.

    DATE: 15th Nov 2009

                    Trichophyton rubrum has been destroyed in vitro with radio waves.

    DATE: 21st Nov 2009

                    An inexpenensive biocompatible nanoparticle developed for the ablation of cells.

                    Very inexpensive colloid developed for in vitro diagnostic kits.

                    A rapid protocol for developing clones by electrofusion.

    DATE: 26th Nov 2009

                   Rabies virus inactivated in vitro by RF but viruses get active again in vivo. Further work ongoing.

    DATE: 28th Nov 2009

                   A topical application of Trichophyton rubrum which led to infection on the skin of guinea pig has been destroyed in vivo with radio waves.

    DATE: 9th Dec 2009

                 I have destroyed cancer cells in a tumor that appeared in the dorsal region of a mouse No. 2 with RF in 9 days.  The next stage is to kill the spreading cancer cells and tumors - lock onto a moving target.

    DATE: 25th Dec 2009

                  I have destroyed cancer cells in a tumor that appeared in the breast region of a mouse No. 3 with RF in 7 days. This tumor was induced with a carcinogen.

    DATE: 4th Jan 2010

                  I have destroyed cancer cells in a tumor that appeared in the lateral side of the abdomen of a mouse No. 4 with RF. The tumor size reduced externally by 35% in 10 days of RF treatment. This tumor appeared naturally in the mouse.

                  In mouse No. 5 two tumors appeared. One on the abdomen and one on the lateral side close to the ribs. The abdomen tumor reduced in size by 65% after 5 days of RF treatment. The lateral side tumor reduced by 80% after 4 days of RF treatment.

    DATE: 5th Jan 2010

                   I have destroyed Stapphylococcus aureus in vitro with radio waves - RF at 37 degrees celsius - body temperature. This is one of the big killer pathogens aquired as nosocomial infection in hospitals.


    A Cure for Cancer on the Horizon


    Carcinogenesis Foundation, USA in association with Reliance Life Sciences held an International Symposium in Mumbai February 5-7, 2010. Delegates from around the world presented research on health initiatives in the understanding and treatment of cancer. Renowned surgeons talked about the tumors they encounter and patient mortality.

    The last oral presentation of the conference by F. V. Fernandes from Biopavilion, Chennai provided stunning evidence of tumor and microbial cell ablation by radio waves. Histopathological images of cancer tissue necrotized by radio frequencies and killing of deadly pathogens in animal models stunned the audience.

    Dr. James Trosko, Michigan State University described the Biophysics undulating Fernandes' research as revolutionary. Furthermore he commented - as time goes by, this presentation, will be equal to Darwin's key note address on evolution. In other words, Fernandes has opened up a new way of thinking about light and electrons.  This paradigm shift may send relativity and quantum theories packing. The use of light as radio frequencies to treat cancer and infectious diseases will spread around the world like wild fire.


    DATE: 10th Feb 2010

                   I have destroyed Salmonella typhosa in vitro with radio waves - RF at 37 degrees celsius - body temperature. This is one of the big  pathogens aquired as swallowed infection of faeces and contaminated food and water.

     DATE: 11th Feb 2010

                   I have destroyed Mycobacterium bovis in vitro with radio waves - RF at 37 degrees celsius - body temperature. This is hopefully going to lead to a cure for TB.

    DATE: 15th Feb 2010

                   RF has disrupted the cell wall of Candida albicans. The implications are huge. Antibiotics may phase out.

    DATE: 19th Feb 2010

                  A novel electrofusion protocol has been developed by me that is fast, efficient and easy to perform. A clone from a spleen of mouse immunized for the deadly viper snake bite has been created. Stability and ability to secrete good levels of anti-toxin is ongoing.

    DATE: 5th March 2010             

                Salmonella typhi is the organism that causes typhoid. An attempt to selectively ablate Salmonella amongst a mixture of Candida, Staph and Strep microbes in vitro is ongoing. One step closer to do away with antibiotics with a 5 minute RF treatment. In vivo experiments begin.

    DATE: 5th July 2010

                    A hybrid clone - protocol developed. Inexpensive, rapid, not labor intensive. First step to producing affordable monoclonal antibodies for therapeutic purpose.

    DATE: 6th July 2010

                    Photobiosensor development underway. If it works, then the cost of diagnosis of infectious diseases can be cut dramatically.

    DATE: 6th Aug 2010

                  Streptococcus pyogenes a pathogen that causes strep throat and in extreme cases indirectly the cause of heart valve collapse has been ablated in guinea pigs by RF. This is a momentous step towards ridding ourselves of antibiotics.

    DATE: 2nd Oct - 14 Oct 2010

                  Traveled with a delegation - India meets Germany. Informed research institutes, universities and delegates that cancer cells are very easily killed by RF action on nano particles. Moving microbes can be ablated with ease.

    DATE: 26th Oct 2010

                 Candida albicans a commensal organism that turns into a pathogen in cases of immuno suppression has been ablated in guinea pig blood - a moving target - by RF. This is a momentous step towards ridding ourselves of C. albicans that is found in mucous membranes and deep tissue and very invasive as a human approaches death.

    DATE: 16th Nov 2010

                 Formulated a nano particle that can ablate a cell that habors a microbe such as a virus or bacteria. Ablated a brain cell in vitro that harbored the rabies virus - as a test model.


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