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Academy for New Energy Newsletter Discontinued 1998 United States
ANPA Newsletter (ISSN 1358-2240) Discontinued United Kingdom
AntiGravity News and Space Drive Technology Discontinued 1999 United States
Association for Pushing Gravity Research Journal Discontinued 1988 United States
(1 Abstracts), Founded 1968, Editors: Dr. William G. Carnahan
Bulletin of the Tychian Society Discontinued United States
Causes Discontinued United States
(1 Abstracts), Editors: William Baumgartiner
Cold Fusion (Elemental Energy) (ISSN 1074-5610) Discontinued 2000 United States
Cold Fusion Times (ISSN 1072-2874) Discontinued 2005 United States
Deutsche Physik Discontinued 1997 Austria
(1 Abstracts), Founded 1991, Editors: Dr. Stefan Marinov
Energy Commentary & Analysis Newsletter Discontinued 1995 United States
(2 Abstracts), Founded 1992, Editors: Frederick Forscher
Energy Unlimited Discontinued 1983 United States
(7 Abstracts), Founded 1978, Editors: Dr. Kathleen H. Joyce, William Baumgartiner
Episteme Discontinued Italy
(4 Abstracts), Founded 2000, Editors: Prof. Umberto Bartocci
ESA Journal Discontinued Select Country
(1 Abstracts)
Exotic Research Report Discontinued 1999 United States
(3 Abstracts), Founded 1997,, Editors: Steven R. Elswick
Explore More! Discontinued United States
(3 Abstracts), Founded 1994, Editors: Chrystyne Jackson
Extraordinary Science Discontinued 1995 United States
(6 Abstracts), Founded 1989, Editors: Steven R. Elswick
Fulcrum: The Science Journal of The University of Science and Philosophy Discontinued United States
(2 Abstracts),, Editors: Dr. Tim Binder
Fusion Energy Foundation Newsletter Discontinued 1987 Select Country
Founded 1977, Editors: Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr.
Fusion Facts Discontinued 1995 United States
(15 Abstracts), Founded 1989, Editors: Hal Fox
Fusion Technology Discontinued 2000 United States
(7 Abstracts), Editors: Prof. George H. Miley
High Tc Update Discontinued 2003 United States
Il Nuovo Cimento Discontinued Italy
(10 Abstracts)
International Journal of Fusion Energy (ISSN 0146-4981) Discontinued United States
(4 Abstracts), Founded 1983, Editors: Dr. Robert J. Moon, Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr., Dr. Winston H. Bostick
Journal for the Study of Consciousness Discontinued 1973 United States
Founded 1968, Editors: Dr. Charles A. Muses
Journal of Borderland Research Discontinued 1998 United States
(1 Abstracts), Founded 1959,, Editors: Meade Layne (Founder), Eric P. Dollard
Journal of Classical Physics (ISSN 0730-2886) Discontinued 1988 United States
(9 Abstracts), Founded 1982, Editors: Dr. Ralph Sansbury
Journal of New Energy Discontinued 2003 United States
(143 Abstracts), Founded 1996,, Editors: Hal Fox
Journal of Sympathetic and Vibratory Physics Discontinued United States
Editors: Dale Pond
Journal of the British-American Scientific Research Association (BASRA) (ISSN 0141-6413) Discontinued 1993 Canada
(1 Abstracts), Founded 1965, Editors: Dr. J. C. Edwards
Journal of Theoretics (ISSN 1529-3548) Discontinued 2004 United States
(59 Abstracts), Founded 1999,, Editors: Dr. James P. Siepmann
Kronos (ISSN 0361-6584) Discontinued 1988 United States
Founded 1975,, Editors: Lewis M. Greenberg, Dr. C. J. Ransom
Magnets in your Future (ISSN 0887-5707) Discontinued 2003 United States
(7 Abstracts), Founded 1986, Editors: Tom Valentine, Les Adam, Gloria Genne, Harley Adam, Bill Beaty (Preservation)
Misaha Discontinued 2004 United States
New Energy News (ISSN 1075-0045) Discontinued 2005 United States
(43 Abstracts), Founded 1994,, Editors: Hal Fox, Dr. Patrick G. Bailey
New Energy Technologies (ISSN 1684-7288) Discontinued 2005 Russian Federation
(1 Abstracts), Founded 2001,, Editors: Alexander V. Frolov
Planetary Association for Clean Energy Newsletter Discontinued 1998 Canada
(8 Abstracts), Founded 1979,, Editors: Andrew Michrowski
Pulse of the Planet Discontinued 2002 United States
Pursuit Discontinued 1981 United States
(4 Abstracts), Founded 1966, Editors: Ivan T. Sanderson, R. Martin Wolf
Raum und Zeit Discontinued United States
(12 Abstracts), Editors: Chrystyne Jackson
Reality & Meaning Journal (ISSN 1198-385X) Discontinued 2007 Canada
(16 Abstracts), Founded 1992, Editors: Russ Shurig
Round Robin Discontinued 1959 United States
(1 Abstracts), Founded 1945, Editors: Meade Layne
Space Energy Journal Discontinued 2000 United States
Spacetime & Substance (ISSN 1726-4499) Discontinued 2005 Ukraine
Special Relativity Letter Discontinued 2002 United Kingdom
(7 Abstracts), Founded 1997,
Speculations in Science and Technology (ISSN 0155-7785) Discontinued 1998 Australia
Tesla Coil Builders Association News Discontinued 2001 United States
Founded 1981, Editors: Harry L. Goldman
The 361st Degree Discontinued Select Country
The Toth-Maatian Review Discontinued 1997 United States
(267 Abstracts), Founded 1983, Editors: Dr. Harold W. Milnes, John J. Durie
Untapped Technology in Review Discontinued Select Country
(1 Abstracts), Founded 1994
Wireless World Discontinued 1984 United Kingdom
(13 Abstracts), Founded 1913,
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