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Name: ArXiv
Status: Active
Contact Name: Cornell University
Description: Open access to 505,348 e-prints in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Quantitative Biology and Statistics.
64 Journal Abstracts Online

Amplified Doppler Shift Observed in Diffraction Images as Function of the COBE ?Ether Drift? Direction Prof. Carlos Enrique Navia
Is the assumption of a special system of reference consistent with Special Relativity? Prof. Rodrigo de Abreu, Prof. Vasco Guerra
Back to the Basis ? Observations Support Spherically Closed Dynamic Space Dr. Tuomo Suntola
Comment on A One-way Speed of Light Experiment Prof. Rodrigo de Abreu, Prof. Vasco Guerra
Comments On Cahill's Quantum Foam Inflow Theory of Gravity Thomas D. Martin
The conceptualization of time and the constancy of the speed of light Prof. Rodrigo de Abreu, Prof. Vasco Guerra
Confirmation of Don Borghi?s Experiment on the Synthesis of Neutrons from Protons and Electrons Dr. Ruggero Maria Santilli
Deformed Special Relativity with an Energy Barrier of a Minimum Speed Prof. Cl?udio Nassif
Deformed Special Relativity with an Invariant Minimum Speed and its Cosmological Implications Prof. Cl?udio Nassif
Density-Metric Unimodular Gravity: Vacuum Spherical Symmetry Amir M. Abbassi
Discrete Scale Relativity and SX Phoenicis Variable Stars Dr. Robert L. Oldershaw
Does Neutrino Really Exist? Yuri A. Baurov
Einstein and the Mystery of Eternity of Life Prof. Michele Barone, M. Gajewska
Einsteinian Blunders Domingos Soares
An Electronic Radiation of Blackbody: Cosmic Electron Background Dr. Jian-Miin Liu
The Evolved-Vacuum Model of Redshifts Prof. Eugene I. Shtyrkov
Experimental Confirmation of the Gravitation Force Negative Temperature Dependence Prof. Alexander L. Dmitriev
Formula for Red-Shifts of Light Signals from Distant Galaxies Dr. Jian-Miin Liu
Foundations of a Quantum Gravity at Large Scales of Length and its Consequences for the Dynamics of Cosmological Expansion Prof. Cl?udio Nassif
Fourvector Algebra Diego Jos? Arturo Sa
Frequency Dependence of Rotor's Free Falling Acceleration and Inequality of Inertial and Gravity Masses Prof. Alexander L. Dmitriev
Frequent Errors in Special Relativity Diego Jos? Arturo Sa
G?del's Theorem is Invalid Diego Jos? Arturo Sa
General Transformations of Space and Time according to Aether Theory Dr. Joseph Levy
Generalized Finsler Geometry and its Cartan Connection in Modification of Special Relativity Dr. Jian-Miin Liu
Geometry of Moving Planes Dr. Garret Sobczyk
On an Improvement of the Planck Radiation Energy Distribution Diego Jos? Arturo Sa
Impulse Gravity Generator Based on Charged Y Ba2Cu3O7−y Superconductor with Composite Crystal Structure Dr. Yevgeny Podkletnov, Giovanni Modanese
Instantaneous Interaction between Charged Particles Dr. Wolfgang Engelhardt
Investigation of High Voltage Discharges in Low Pressure Gases Through Large Ceramic Superconducting Electrodes Dr. Yevgeny Podkletnov, Giovanni Modanese
Magnitude-Redshift Relation for SNe Ia, Time Dilation, and Plasma Redshift Dr. Ari Brynjolfsson
Can a Matter-Wave Interferometer Detect Translational Speed? Prof. Ruyong Wang, Yi Zheng, Aiping Yao
Modeling the MCAS Way Dr. Joel M. Williams
Modified Hubble Law, Time-Varying Hubble Parameter and the Problem of Dark Energy Dr. Jian-Miin Liu
Motivations to Modify Special Relativity Dr. Jian-Miin Liu
The Myth of the Down Converted Photon Trevor W. Marshall
The Myth of the Photon Prof. Emilio C. Santos, Trevor W. Marshall
On the Nature of Dark Matter and Dark Energy Yuri A. Baurov
New Approach for Building of Unified Theory About the Universe and Some Results Dr. Stoyan Sarg
Phase Tuning in Michelson-Morley Experiments Performed in Vacuum, Assuming Length Contraction Dr. Joseph Levy
Plasma Redshift, Time Dilation, and Supernovas Ia Dr. Ari Brynjolfsson
Possible Quantum Gravity Effects in a Charged Bose Condensate Under Variable E.M. Field Giovanni Modanese, John Schnurer
The Propagation of Light and Sound in Moving Systems (?ber die Lichtgeschwindigkeit in bewegten Systemen) Norbert Feist
Proposal for a New Michelson-Morley Experiment Using a Single Whispering Spherical Mode Resonator Dr. John G. Hartnett, Michael Edmund Tobar, James David Anstie
Quantization of Keplerian Systems Dr. Ari Lehto
Quasi-Steady State Cosmology Prof. Geoffrey Ronald Burbidge
Reconstructed Standard Model of Cosmology in the Earth-based Coordinate System Dr. Jian-Miin Liu
Redshift of Photons Penetrating a Hot Plasma Dr. Ari Brynjolfsson
Relativistic Equilibrium Velocity Distribution, Nuclear Fusion Reaction Rate and the Solar Neutrino Problem Dr. Jian-Miin Liu
On the Relativistic Generalization of Maxwell's Velocity Distribution Dr. Jian-Miin Liu
Sandage Versus Hubble on the Reality of the Expanding Universe Domingos Soares
Search for Anisotropic Light Propagation as a Function of Laser Beam Alignment Relative to the Earths Velocity Vector Prof. Carlos Enrique Navia, Carlos Roberto Augusto, D. F. Franceschine, M. B. Robba, King Hay Tsui
On the Solution of Maxwell?s First Order Equations Dr. Wolfgang Engelhardt
Special Relativity in Absolute Space: from a contradiction in terms to an obviousness Prof. Rodrigo de Abreu, Prof. Vasco Guerra
A Speech for the Luminiferous Ether (Pl?doyer f?r den ?ther) Norbert Feist
A Strong Factor for the Reduction of Inequality Diego Jos? Arturo Sa
Supernova Observations Fit Einstein-deSitter Expansion in 4-sphere Dr. Tuomo Suntola, Bob Day
Surface Brightness in Plasma-Redshift Cosmology Dr. Ari Brynjolfsson
Test of the one-way speed of light and the first-order experiment of Special Relativity using phase-conjugate interferometers Prof. Ruyong Wang, Yi Zheng, Aiping Yao
Theoretical Analysis of a Reported Weak Gravitational Shielding Effect. Giovanni Modanese
Thompson's Renormalization Group Method Applied to QCD at High Energy Scale Prof. Cl?udio Nassif
Timing, 'Accidentals' and Other Artifacts in EPR Experiments Caroline H. Thompson
Weightlessness of photons: A quantum effect Dr. Ari Brynjolfsson
The Zeropoint Field: No Longer a Ghost Trevor W. Marshall
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