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Name: American Journal of Physics
Status: Active
Address:American Institute of Physics
Suite 1NO1, 2 Huntington Quadrangle
Melville, NY 11747-4502
United States
Description: AIP released a new Web service that provides AIP-journal subscribers with cited-by article counts and links to the more than 33 million records in the Scopus database. Scopus, a product of Elsevier, is the largest abstract and citation database of research literature, drawing from 15,000 peer-reviewed journals from more than 4,000 publishers worldwide.
16 Journal Abstracts Online

Brewster Angle and the Einstein Velocity Addition Theorem Dr. Thomas E. Phipps Jr., R. G. Newburgh
Field-Force Acceleration Using Type II Superconductor Glen A. Robertson
Heretical Verities: Mathematical Themes in Physical Description Dr. Thomas E. Phipps Jr., Jeff Nicoll
The Homopolar Motor: A True Relativistic Engine Ricardo A. Achilles, Dr. Jorge A. Guala-Valverde, Pedro Mazzoni
Manipulating the Vacuum Scalar Field with Superconductors: A Search for Exotic Material Glen A. Robertson
Mercury's Precession According to Special Relativity Dr. Thomas E. Phipps Jr.
The Nature of Time Lee Coe
Physics: A Gradualist Science Dr. Thomas E. Phipps Jr.
Propulsion from ElectroMagnetic Nonlinear Materials Glen A. Robertson
Relativity and Aberration Dr. Thomas E. Phipps Jr.
Relativity and the Electric Dipole Moment of a Moving, Conducting, Magnetized Sphere Robert V. Krotkov, Gerald N. Pellegrini, Norman C. Ford, Arthur R. Swift
Religion Versus Science? Dr. Thomas E. Phipps Jr.
Some Remarks On Classical Electromagnetism and the Principle of Relativity Prof. Umberto Bartocci, Prof. Marco Mamone Capria
Response to 'Comment on Mercury's Precession According to Special Relativity Dr. Thomas E. Phipps Jr.
A Review of Past Insights by Robert L. Forward, PhD: Emerging Technologies and Future Concepts Glen A. Robertson, Gerald D. Nordley
Search for a Correlation Between Josephson Junctions and Gravity Glen A. Robertson
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