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Name: Cold Fusion (Elemental Energy)
Editors: Dr. Wayne Green, Dr. Eugene Mallove
ISSN: 1074-5610
Status: Discontinued
Founded: 1994
Ended: 2000
Contact Name: Dr. Wayne Green
Address:70 Route 202N
Petersborough, NH 03458-1107
United States

Cold Fusion: $40 - 28 monthly issues.

$40? Good grief! And worth ten times that if you are interested in what is very likely to be one of the largest industries in the world in the next century. Don't you wish you'd known about Microsoft when it started? I did. Ditto Apple, right from when it was only a prototype on Steve Jobs' garage workbench. The publication serves three major purposes: to help researchers world-wide to communicate to speed the development of this new field; to help bring newcomers up to speed; and to provide potential investors with the information they need to know where best to invest. It also serves as a medium for theorists to hash out why cold fusion is happening. The old paradigm says it's impossible, a fact which is causing a number of scientists enormous embarrassment as the efficiency of cold fusion cells keeps improving. My "Cold Fusion Overview" paper points out that the Patterson Cell has now been exhibited at a power company conference generating over a thousand watts of heat with only about one watt of excitation. A thousand to one output over input! What does this mean, besides billions for Patterson's company (Clean Energy Technology Inc.)?

It means that it isn't going to be long before we see commercial products. It means that power and energy companies have to either get busy and develop cold fusion power units or expect to replay what happened to the radio tube, buggy whip and horse industries. Send the $40 or kick yourself as the future unfolds without you.

Minicomputer companies like DEC and Prime ignored my warning when the microcomputer (personal computer) came along and most of 'em are out of business. The president of Centronics, then the largest maker of computer printers in the world, told me I was wrong. An Wang, the president of Wang Laboratories, told me I was wrong. The president of Data General told me I was wrong.

Centronics is out of business and the others are all shadows of their former size. President Busey of Texas Instruments cost TI tens of billions by ignoring me. Ditto Radio Shack's Roach. No, I'm not exaggerating.

This is a wake up call for the oil, coal, natural gas, and power companies. Get with this new technology or get blown away. -

The first three issues of Cold Fusion had a beautiful glossy format reminiscent of Byte magazine, also founded by Wayne Green.  Due to lack of advertizing funding, the remaining issues were printed black-and-white on stock paper.  The magazine featured articles by Hideo Kozima, Jim Patterson, Chuck Bennett, David Moon, Olof Sunden, Peter Gluck, and many others. Eugene Mallove served as Editor for Cold Fusion before founding Infinite Energy.  Beginning with Issue #22 in July 1997, the magazine's name was changed to Elemental Energy (Cold Fusion).

12 Journal Abstracts Online

Capillary Fusion Dr. Peter Graneau
Chemically-Assisted Nuclear Reactions Dr. Edmund Storms
Only the Cold Fusion Critics Were Icarus Christopher P. Tinsley
A Cold Fusion Primer Jed Rothwell, Dr. Eugene Mallove
Our Discovery of the Omegon, an Elementary Particle Which may Explain Cold Fusion Christopher R. Illert, D. Reverberi
Extraordinary Traces Produced During Pulsed Discharges in Water T. Matsumoto
Newly Discovered Halo Nuclei and their Implications for Cold Fusion Christopher R. Illert, D. Reverberi
Planck Energy and Biological Effects of Ultrasonic Cavitation T. V. Prevenslik
The Plasmoid Theory Edward H. Lewis
Is Quantum Mechanics Relevant to Nuclear Physics Christopher R. Illert
But Is It Real? Dr. Wayne Green
A Theoretical Mechanism for Sonofusion C. Bennett
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